How to Design Interior Spaces – 3 Best Trends for 2024

Discover 3 top interior design trends for 2024 – Parisian Chic, Healing Homes, and Future Living. Victoria Walker, Product Manager and Trends Expert at Hillarys says how to design French-styled interiors, wellness-inspired homes, and futuristic-influenced spaces.

Parisian Chic

Parisian Chic Design Trend, How to Design Living and Dining Areas - 3 Best Trends for 2024,

“With the 2024 Paris Olympics just around the corner, we predict that French interior design will be a major trend in 2024, as all eyes will be on the French capital and its effortlessly chic style.

French interior design blends timeless elegance with a touch of modern glamour. This style seamlessly intertwines classic and contemporary elements, making it a sought-after choice for 2024.

With a few simple touches, you can transform your home into a Parisian oasis, and here are my top tips for sprinkling a dash of ‘Je ne sais quoi’!

While neutral tones form the foundation of French-inspired interiors, the introduction of soft and faded colors adds depth and personality to the space. Embracing a muted palette of pastels and subdued tones, such as light green, French blue, pale pink, or lavender, creates a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

Incorporate patterns like toile de Jouy, delicate floral patterns, or French stripes in classic color combinations like blue and white or red and white. These timeless motifs can be introduced through soft furnishings and window treatments. Layering fabrics, such as linen, velvet, and cotton instantly add a touch of Parisian Ooh La La chic to your décor.

Warm wood tones, exposed beams, or distressed floorboards add a touch of rustic charm. Decorative accents such as mirrors, chandeliers, and artwork create a sense of refined elegance and add character and warmth.

Window dressings that cover the lower half of your window such as café style shutters are quintessentially French. They bring a “Louvre’ly” dose of Parisian style while keeping things cozy and letting natural light flow in.”

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Healing Homes

Healing Homes Design Trends, How to Design Interior Spaces - 3 Best Trends for 2024,

“Spending more time at home highlighted that we need a secure and comfortable environment to support our wellness.

It’s important to recognize that we all take comfort from different colors but sensory shades like dusty pinks, lemons, and lilacs hold therapeutic properties. These can be combined with darker tones to add playfulness and intrigue to your home.

Also, spending time outdoors helps relieve stress and release feelings of happiness and positive well-being. Many of us simply can’t get out into nature every day but incorporating natural elements such as greenery and wood in your space can have a similar effect. There is an intrinsic warmth about wood that makes it a comforting addition to any space.

Think barely-there fragrances like camomile and linen to add a fresh aroma to your living area, one of the most relaxing rooms in your home.”

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Future Living

Future Living Design Trend, 3 Best Trends for 2024 - Parisian Chic, Healing Homes, Future Living,

“Stimulating and eye-catching elements are fundamental for this interior trend, as futuristic influence from virtual reality and the metaverse begins to slowly fuse into our homes. For that playful finish the dreamscape interior desires, striking colors like magenta and cobalt blue are paired with softer colors like olive green.

For that added dose of energy, statement accessories are used to create maximum visual interest. Whether it’s a geometric rug on the floor, or some woven jacquard blinds at the window, soft furnishings are chosen to create an impression and leave an impression. Free-flowing shapes, like curves, tubular and abstract designs take priority in patterns and homeware textures are rich in touch. Sheers, faux suede, and mesh are just some of the most prominent textiles for this trend.

Lighting will also be at the forefront of this rising trend, with LED lighting being used in the home more than ever before. Blue colorings are used to regulate mood and enhance relaxation, so areas of the house like the bedroom are most appropriate for their blue LED. Also, quirky droplet lighting offers a beautiful and more simplistic alternative.

Smart electric window blinds emphasize the slow-living lifestyle a futuristic home environment craves. Operated through an app on your smartphone, voice control or a remote, ease is the number one priority allowing you to control light levels simply and effectively.” Victoria Walker, Product Manager and Trends Expert at Hillarys

Enjoy designing your trendy home. 🙂

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