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Dreaming of Beautiful Pastel Christmas Trend – Colorful Lockers

This holiday season, the design world is preparing to dive head-first into a lovely trend that combines pastel colors – thus painting homes with soft color palettes and a joyful holiday aesthetic. Becca Stern, Co-Founder and Creative Director of the colorful homewares brand Mustard Made brings interior decorating tips for the beautiful twenty-twenty-three ‘Pastel Christmas Trend’. Have a look at these colorful lockers. 🙂

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Pastel Palette for Christmas

A pastel color palette decor for the Christmas season splashes freshness and a little North Pole holiday magic into the design landscape. Becca is here to offer her insights into the enchanting realm of pastel combinations.

“Pastel colors have an extraordinary ability to infuse serenity and joy into any space, making them the perfect choice to create an atmosphere of magic and enchantment during the holiday season,” said Becca Stern, Creative Director at Mustard Made.

The Skinny Locker Mustard Made Pastel, Dreaming of Beautiful Pastel Christmas Trend - Colorful Lockers,

The Skinny locker is tall and slender. It’s Mustard Made’s signature locker and the one they dreamed up first! She’ll help you keep your stuff neat and tidy. You’ll be amazed at how much can fit inside. Standing alone or paired with friends, The Skinny is pretty, practical, and cool.


Mustard Made lilac locker family - The Shorty, Dreaming of Beautiful Pastel Christmas Trend - Colorful Lockers,

Short + Sweet, The Shorty locker comes in right + left opening options, perfect for whichever side of the bed you sleep on. The Shorty locker is at home – tucked neatly next to your work desk, snuggled up next to your lounge, or of course, sitting beside your bed.


Mustard Made lockers - The Twinny in Ocean, Dreaming of Beautiful Pastel Christmas Trend - Colorful Lockers,

The Twinny is The Skinny’s big sister – more than just a wardrobe, it’s all of your colorful storage dreams in one. The same width as The Midi + the same height as The Skinny, but a little bit deeper for extra hanger space.

Designed for everyone, from teeny baby clothes to a full grown-up wardrobe. The four shelves can be moved wherever you need them.

Pastel Lockers – Blush, Lilac, Sage, Ocean and Chalk

The Mustard Made pastel locker collection includes Blush, Lilac, Sage, Ocean, and Chalk, which can all be effortlessly integrated into ornaments, wreaths, and table settings. The inspiration behind the pastel theme comes from these colors that evoke celebrations.

Becca’s top styling tips: “2023 was perfectly pink with Barbiecore energy, so this year, it’s the pretty pinks and Blush tones complemented by champagne golds, Lilac, or Sage green. This color combination works fabulously with snow-flocked trees and some sparkle to make a beautifully fresh festive display.”

Midi Locker Mustard Made Blush, Dreaming of Beautiful Pastel Christmas Trend - Colorful Lockers,

The Midi locker really makes the most of her storage potential – as a toy cupboard, in the kitchen, or for hiding all the shoes + umbrellas in the hallway. Wherever she goes, The Midi will surprise you with how much will be hidden inside.


Functionality and Aesthetics in Home Decor – Colorful Lockers

These colorful lockers are the union of functionality and aesthetics in home decor, and this pastel trend is for the entire year. The understated elegance makes them a timeless choice for the practicalities of everyday life.

Lowdown Mustard Made Locker Sage, Dreaming of Beautiful Pastel Christmas Trend - Colorful Lockers,

The Lowdown locker is your new favorite TV unit, console, or office storage. She’s perfectly proportioned to make the most of that alcove as a TV unit – but works just as well next to a bed, she’s seriously versatile. The cable holes in the back are great for all those TV cords and chargers, so you can keep them neatly tucked away. The doors are lockable, so all your precious things will be safely stored inside.


The Midi Drinks Cabinet In Lilac By Mustard Made, Dreaming of Beautiful Pastel Christmas Trend - Colorful Lockers,

The Midi locker makes a practical and sweet drinks cabinet for your dining room or living room. Cheers!


This season, join and the Mustard Made team in embracing a very pastel decorating trend. Create joyful interior spaces – painted with the magic of the holidays all year long. 🙂

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