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Colors of the Year 2024 – Sweet Embrace and Hopscotch

Colors are an essential ingredient of interior design and decor. They paint our spaces with joy, playfulness, passion, creativity, relaxation, and freshness – all depending on the color palette in the room. is always searching for colorful ideas and color trends to inspire you in the design of your home. In this article, discover the colors of the year 2024. – Sweet Embrace and Hopscotch. 🙂

Dulux Color of the Year 2024: Sweet Embrace

A soft pink that’s lighthearted and playful, Sweet Embrace creates an atmosphere of serenity in the interior.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, shares how to decorate your living room and bedroom with Sweet Embrace color. Have a look at these three chic Dulux color palette ideas.

Uplift and Warm Up with a Soft Pink Sweet Embrace

Dulux Colour of the Year: Sweet Embrace, Bedroom Decor Ideas by Furniture And Choice,

Energize the bedroom decor with Sweet Embrace’s fresh and optimistic undertone. “Inspired by Dulux’s warm and uplifting color story, highlight Sweet Embrace’s stylish qualities in the bedroom,” Rebecca says. “Choose light pink fluted wall panels and contrast them with an oatmeal fabric bed to set the tone for relaxation.” Warm up the room by complementing the chic light pink backdrop with pops of mustard yellow. Introduce these sunny accents through abstract artwork, throws, and cushions. Choose curved accessories like a mushroom lamp and decorative vases to soften the overall look.

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Invite Calm with a Sweet Embrace Color

Dulux Colour of the Year: Sweet Embrace, Living Room Decor by Furniture And Choice,

“As part of Dulux’s calming color story, bring a tranquil touch to the bustling heart of the home with a light pink kitchen island and countertops,” Rebecca says. Contrast the soft pastel color with a modern slate grey sofa for a timeless feel. Complement a soft pink Sweet Embrace’s optimism by choosing scatter cushions in various pastels for a lighthearted, playful finish. Complete the decorating look with other peaceful, crisp accents like indoor greenery and floral bouquets.

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Wind Down with a Pink Softness of Sweet Embrace

Dulux Colour of the Year: Soft Pink Sweet Embrace, Bedroom Decor by Furniture And Choice,

“Sweet Embrace is a versatile hue because it can look different depending on the time of day – crisp in the morning, a light glow in the afternoon, and more vivid in the evening,” Rebecca says. Take inspiration from Dulux’s calming color story with the pink softness of a Sweet Embrace on the walls to create a comforting atmosphere. Pair it with soothing neutrals such as a grey fabric bed and cozy white sheets as the base. Layer with pops of pastels by accessorizing with cushions and throws for a playful mix. (Photos by Furniture And Choice)

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Earthborn Color of the Year 2024: Hopscotch

Earthborn Colour of the Year 2024 - Hopscotch, Wall Paint Ideas,

Eco-friendly paint company, Earthborn announced its Color of the Year 2024. as Hopscotch – a beautifully neutral wall paint.

Sophisticated and calming, Hopscotch is a warm, chalky off-white that is incredibly adaptable. Combining subtle yellow and grey undertones, it goes in an earthy color palette that feels cozy and familiar.

Earthborn Colour of the Year 2024 - Hopscotch, Wall Color in Neutral Palette,

“With earthy, warm colors starting to dominate the interior space, chalky neutrals are an essential part of this palette. Extremely versatile and delicate, Hopscotch is our Color of the Year as it works with all room orientations, serving as the perfect subtle backdrop for brighter colors or working in harmony with similar neutral tones for a softer aesthetic.
Whether used across walls, ceilings, woodwork, or furniture, this warm and calming shade forms the foundation of various design styles, bringing longevity, timeless appeal, and relaxation to all spaces.”
Cathryn Saunders, Head of Creative at Earthborn (Photos by Earthborn)

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Enjoy the soft and cozy touch of Colors of the Year 2024. 🙂

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