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Christmas Lights – USB Starlight Kit for Sustainable Celebrations

As the festive season approaches, Paper Starlights, renowned for its artisan-made lampshades and lanterns, is excited to unveil its latest innovation: the low-energy USB Starlight Kit. Discover more.

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Inspired by the lighting company’s love of illumination and sustainable celebration, the portable Starlight Kit comes complete with a hand-crafted paper star lantern, ultra-low-energy LED light, and a 4-meter USB cable.

With its generously sized cable and USB-powered LED light, the Starlight Kit is simple to install and provides instant lighting art for the festive period ahead. And with a low power draw, it’s low-cost and sustainable to run, too.

Christmas Lights - USB Starlight Kit for Sustainable Celebrations,

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Wide Range of Compatible Power Sources

Versatility is key when it comes to the Starlight Kit from Paper Starlights. You can connect the kit to a portable power bank, a USB wall socket, a USB port on your computer or laptop, or an existing USB plug. This wide range of power source options ensures that you can take a bit of Starlight with you wherever you go – indoors or outdoors.

Christmas Lights - USB Starlight Kit for Sustainable Celebrations,

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Sustainable and Cost-Effective Celebrations

Planet-friendly partying has always been a guiding principle of Paper Starlights. And this season the company is taking it to a new level. As more consumers aspire to celebrate sustainably, the company’s USB Starlight Kit shines with up to 90% less energy consumption than traditional bulbs, making it an eco-conscious choice. And with minimal power draw it’s cost-effective, too.

Christmas Lights - USB Starlight Kit for Sustainable Celebrations,

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Technology Meets Tradition

Following extensive research and experimentation, the USB-powered LED light included in the kit has been exclusively developed by Paper Starlights for use with its handmade paper stars – to bring the artisan qualities of each star to life without overpowering them.

Through a careful balance of warm light and brightness of luminescence, the LED light enhances the natural pigments, traditional screen-printing, and carefully selected paper used in every star. The result? A perfect synthesis of high-tech and handmade.

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Christmas Lights - USB Starlight Kit for Sustainable Celebrations,

Light your star effortlessly with this USB-powered ultra-low energy eco-friendly lighting kit. Exclusive to Paper Starlights, it comes complete with an ultra-low-energy LED lamp and a 4m USB cable.

Lightweight and convenient to use, simply plug the USB cable into any USB outlet – works with wall sockets, phone chargers, power banks, laptops, solar USB chargers, battery boxes, and more.

With its 1.5W warm white LED lamp and detachable 4-meter USB cable, this kit gives you the freedom to position your paper star lantern wherever you choose. Simply tie your star over the LED lamp and enjoy instant ambiance anywhere!

Versatile and compatible with most charging devices, it’s your portable lighting solution for indoors, outdoors, and on the go. What’s more, it uses 90% less power than a traditional 40W incandescent bulb – good news for the environment and your pocket!

This exclusive lighting kit is developed especially for Paper Starlights stars. Its perfect balance of warm light and bright luminescence enhances design and color – showcasing each star to its full potential.

The kit is all you need to display your star anywhere. And, with low energy usage and low running costs, it provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of sharing the light!

Kit includes:

1 x 4-metre white extension cable USB – A male to USB – A female
1 x Warm white low-energy LED double-sided lamp – 1.5 Watts.
(Please note: Plug socket and power source not included.)

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Firework: Black / Multi-Star Lantern

Firework: Black / Multi - Star Lantern, Christmas Lights - USB Starlight Kit for Sustainable Celebrations,

Experience the enchantment of this Firework Black Lantern, adorned with a mesmerizing paisley pattern and multicolored tissue paper inserts.

This exquisite lantern is more than just a source of light; it’s a work of art that will elevate your home decor to new heights. Crafted with precision and care, each lantern is a testament to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Tissue paper inserts in violet, pink, and blue glow against a black background.

At Paper Starlights, their unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical craftsmanship shines through in every created product. This lantern is meticulously handmade using eco-friendly materials, ensuring both its quality and durability.

In the brand’s dedication to minimizing waste, their star lanterns are shipped without a light source, allowing you the option to use your existing one. However, for an effortless lighting solution, the brand recommends the Low Energy LED Lighting Kit, complete with 4 meters of cable.

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Venus Teal – Star Lantern

Venus Teal - Star Lantern, Christmas Lights - USB Starlight Kit for Sustainable Celebrations,

Illuminate your surroundings with the ethereal glow of the Venus Teal Paper Star Lantern. Crafted with care, this 7-tipped star lantern adds a touch of celestial elegance to any room. Its teal color creates a soothing ambiance, while the star-shaped perforations scatter enchanting patterns of light across your space.

Place it in your living room, bedroom, or even outdoor sheltered spaces to create a magical atmosphere. With its intricate design, this lantern doubles as a statement piece during the day and a celestial wonder at night.

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Fantasia Purple Haze Star Lantern

Fantasia Purple Haze Star Lantern, Christmas Lights - USB Starlight Kit for Sustainable Celebrations,

This dramatic boho-style star glows with rich rainbow colors to create an exotic ambiance anywhere. Beads of light in delicate green, pale blue, and violet glow on a boldly traced background of royal blue and scarlet. Features an elegant teardrop-shaped design motif. Tissue paper inserts soften the light, casting a gentle glow.

Display this starlight in a window for an unforgettable Christmas statement. Also, it’s perfect for feature lampshades, ambient lighting, decorative/mood lighting, party décor, and night light (for use indoors, or in dry outdoor environments).

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About Paper Starlights

At Paper Starlights, sustainability is the brand’s guiding principle. Quality over quantity – that’s their mantra. Each lantern is meticulously handmade in small batches to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and reduce waste. From paper star lanterns to USB lights, each creation is carefully designed to illuminate spaces and create unforgettable moments.

Love and Light Since 1996

Wherever we are in the world, a distant star in the sky brings us together.

With their mesmerizing brilliance and warm atmospheric glow, these handmade paper star lanterns have been loved by two generations of customers across the UK, Europe, and beyond. Bringing light, love, and magic to any location, the hanging paper stars have shone over parties and celebrations for over 25 years.

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