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Beautiful Nature-Inspired House Design Project on Relaxed Formentera Island

Interior designer Estela Gómez refurbished the authentic Mediterranean house within a former lighthouse on the charming Balearic island – choosing natural handmade furniture by Let’s Pause brand to underline her design concept of peace and organic ambiance. The new creative house design project is a dream home: a dwelling inspired by nature looking over the sea, a place set apart from the hustle and bustle of Formentera Island in Spain. Have a look.

A House Design Project on Formentera: Authentic Balearic Island Character

A House Design on Formentera: Authentic Balearic Island Character, Design by Estela Gómez

A house is made of two parts, one old and the other newly built. The old part has been completely refurbished, respecting the traditional construction techniques of Formentera Island. The walls are finished in limestone plaster, the ceilings are supported on juniper timber beams, and the thick exterior walls and original small windows are maintained to keep the inside at a constant temperature and protect from the intense summer heat.

Beautiful Nature-Inspired House Design Project on Relaxed Formentera Island, Ecological Living Room Design Inspiration,

The new part of the house is built right next to the original structure – retaining the relaxed essence of Mediterranean simplicity. The older part gives the overall house its strong character. The façade with its thick stone walls – exudes authenticity. To make the place more practical, all the bathrooms and the kitchen have been redone with floors finished in micro-cement.

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Interiors Open to the Light

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To compensate for the small window openings, roof lights have been added. They fill the interior with a beautiful overhead light in the living room, the kitchen, and the master bedroom.

Natural, Raw, and Timeless Style Interior Decor

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The interior décor follows the typical island approach featuring only organic fabrics and other materials: linen for the bedrooms, untreated timbers…

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Similarly, the furniture and decorative elements created by the Let’s Pause brand are absorbed into the spaces, lending natural, organic beauty with hand-crafted pieces made with materials such as esparto, fique fibers, poplar wood, etc.

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Outdoor Spaces Where the Mediterranean Can Be Truly Appreciated

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The kitchen is designed as an outdoor living space. It connects with the porch and a swimming pool, thus encouraging the outdoor lifestyle through fresh air, water, and the sea breeze shared with friends and family. The covered porch has a large table, while the pool has hammocks and a built-in bench that invites relaxation and calm.

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Warm Indoor Spaces Where Simplicity and Beauty Reign

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One of the most beautiful views is framed from the master bedroom by a panoramic exterior window. Right underneath that window is a work desk with two stools for working, writing, and savoring breakfast.

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Enjoy this lovely house design project on beautiful Formentera Island. 🙂

Let’s Pause Press / Smart Deco / Photos by Jordi Sarrà

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