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7 Luxurious Wallpapers for a Stunning Mediterranean-Villa-Style Home

Create a Mediterranean-villa-style home interior with these seven luxurious wallpapers. Discover wall art inspired by sea waves, azure shores, aquamarine tones, Greek islands, lobster shapes…

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Sundance Villa – Sea Waves Light Blue Wallpaper

Sundance Villa - Sea Waves Light Blue Wallpaper, Wallpapers Decorate Your Interior in Mediterranean Villa Style,

Curvy and graceful, Sea Waves Light Blue Wallpaper is inspired by old Japanese block prints, creating a marine-themed look that traces the outline of the deep sea waves. Available in neutral, taupe, or blue colors, the wallpaper vibrantly decorates the walls of any interior – bringing the coastal-style vibe. (Mindthegap)

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Azure Mural Wallpaper

Azure Mural Wallpaper, Design a Mediterranean-Villa-Style Home - 7 Creative Wallpaper Ideas,

Serene summer vibes breeze through this carefully detailed work of art, painted out in charming blue. Inspired by ancient Mediterranean handmade tiles, the Azure mural wallpaper sets the background of a beautiful summer home, shrouded in a light cyan-blue color. This mesmerizing wallcovering is full of vibrant details and shows a scenic view of the Mediterranean coast – somewhere in France. (Mindthegap)

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Koralion Aquamarine Wallpaper

Koralion Aquamarine Wallpaper, Design a Mediterranean-Villa-Style Home - 7 Luxurious Wallpapers,

Follow the wavy curves of this elegant sealife design as you enter deep into the Mediterranean-style vibes with this lovely pattern full of hand-drawn corals. The Koralion wallpaper (also in the cover photo) is available in the colors of grey, sea blue, algae-green, sand-taupe, and lagoon-emerald. This stylish decorative design is a great addition to a refreshing marine-themed interior. (Mindthegap)

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Mykonos Villa Motif – White Sand Wallpaper

Mykonos Villa Motif - White Sand Wallpaper, 7 Luxurious Wallpapers for a Stunning Mediterranean-Villa-Style Home,

Fine ornaments showing decorative algae are highlighted in this embellished pattern, creating a luxurious wallpaper for your living room decor. Feel the warmth of a hot summer’s day wrapped within the walls of a splendid holiday villa in Greece. The Mykonos-villa-inspired design is available in green, light blue, taupe, and yellow tones. (Mindthegap)

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Sundance Villa Collection – Rhodes Wallpaper

Sundance Villa Collection - Rhodes Wallpaper, Greek island style decor, blue white yellow wallpaper, luxury wall decor ideas,

This mural-like wallpaper is a true visual work of art, depicting Rhodes Island’s architectural style in the traditional Aegean color palette of yellow and blue. Summer vibes come through the stylish palm trees and sandy details – as the entire wallpaper design is printed over three rolls for a larger emphasis on the island-life atmosphere it wants to create. (Mindthegap)

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The Villa Mural Yellow Wallpaper

The Villa Mural Yellow Wallpaper, blue white yellow wallpaper, Greek villa style,  summer decor ideas,

A true expression of a marvelous Greek villa, this sophisticated mural design is a statement work of art. Fabulous Hellenic ornaments and motifs are combined in a hand-painted large design – showing seaside-inspired elements in a bold wallpaper design that reminds of an ancient palace wall. Available in sunny yellow or deep sunset red. (Mindthegap)

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Mediterranean Lobsters – Red Wallpaper

Mediterranean Lobsters - Red Wallpaper, marine themed wallpaper, lobsters inspired wallpapers, summer decorating ideas,

With a pattern that revives the depths of the Aegean seas, the Mediterranean Lobsters wallpaper from the Sundance Villa collection – creates a mood of the Mediterranean surroundings. Choose between the three available colors: white, red, and blue, all emphasizing the marine character of the design. (Mindthegap)

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Be inspired by the colors and shapes of the Mediterranean and create a lovely coastal-style home decor. 🙂

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