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How to Create a Playful Kids’ Room – 7 Imaginative Designs

Look at these sweet furnishing and decorating ideas for a playful kids’ room. Imaginative storage solutions that are also fairytale-like doll’s houses, starry decorations, or acorn-shaped fashion accessories, clothing hangers with a bohemian vibe, giraffe-formed or rainbow-inspired shelving designs, and a playtime creation in the shape of a teepee. In this article, discover seven creative ideas for a trendy kids’ room. 🙂

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Fairy House-Formed Storage Basket, Made from Water Hyacinth

Delicately handcrafted from water hyacinth, the charming fairy house-formed basket (in the cover photo) is a gorgeous alternative storage solution for nurseries, kids’ bedrooms, and playrooms.

Incredibly versatile, when not used for storage, it doubles up as a cute doll’s house – perfect for hours of imaginative playtime. (Ella James)

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Gold Star Rattan Storage Baskets

Gold Star Rattan Storage Baskets, Kids' Room Storage Ideas,

Beautiful white painted rattan storage baskets finished with gold star motif.

These starry baskets are perfect for storing anything from holiday ornaments in a living room to toys in a playroom. Each rattan basket has handles for easy lifting, also available in white and silver. (Ella James)

Click here to make these lovely storage baskets a part of your starry home decor.  

Lyra – Rattan Acorn-Shaped Bag

Lyra - Rattan Acorn-Shaped Bag, Creative Bags for Children,

This cute acorn-shaped bag has a practical lid and carry handle, which makes it great for holding small treasures – favorite soft toys and dolls. The stylish rattan bag is a fashionable accessory for young nature fans and all who feel that way.

The little ones will enjoy playing with this fun, rattan-woven bag. The hinged lid and a sturdy handle for carrying add to the practicality of the bag, as well as to the sweet acorn shape. After playtime, the bag makes a stylish storage idea. It will also make a pretty gift. (Ella James)

Set of Three Rattan Clothes Hangers

Set of Three Rattan Clothes Hangers for Kids' Room,

These decorative rattan hangers in natural tones are sustainably manufactured. Their design makes them perfect for adding that trendy bohemian vibe to a baby’s nursery or a child’s bedroom.

Rattan and bamboo go well together, so the rattan clothes hangers can be combined with bamboo clothes rails or hung off a shelf or wardrobe to display favorite clothing items. (Ella James)

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Gianni – Giraffe-Shaped Bookcase for Kids’ Room, Made of Bankuan Grass

Gianni - Giraffe-Shaped Bookcase for Kids' Room Made of Bankuan Grass, Furniture Ideas for Children's Room,

This sweet and large giraffe-formed bookcase will add the wow factor to every kid’s bedroom or nursery. Also, it makes a practical and attractive storage solution.

Children will love this animal-themed woven bookcase made of Bankuan grass. This creative furniture piece will suit contemporary and classic-styled interiors.

It’s an adorable way to display favorite kids’ books, toys, and other items. The giraffe-shaped bookcase will make tidying up a whole lot of fun. (Ella James)

This creative bookcase is available for purchase via this link.

Rainbow-Inspired Shelf from Rattan

Rainbow-Inspired Shelf from Rattan, Kids' Room Shelving Ideas, Sustainable Furniture Designs,

A delightful storage idea for a kid’s bedroom or nursery, Lyra is made from rattan in a rainbow-inspired design.

This decorative wall shelf is created from a trendy natural material – rattan. Designer’s tip – place it above a changing table in a nursery or for bedtime books and toys in a kid’s room. (Ella James)

You are welcome to shop here for the sweet rainbow rattan shelf.

White Natural Nevada Teepee for Playful Kids’ Room

White Natural Nevada Teepee for Playful Kids' Room,

This gorgeous natural white teepee is created of organic cotton and pinewood and makes an adorable play tent for a kid’s bedroom or playroom.

Designed by Nobodinoz and made from high-quality canvas and pinewood poles, it is trimmed with a pair of wooden feathers that are dipped in black paint.

Additional tip – match it with corresponding Sahara and Oasis beanbags. (Ella James)

Find out more and purchase this cute teepee here.

Enjoy creating your trendy kids’ room with these sweet furnishing and decorating ideas. 🙂

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