ergoAGENT base – The Kitchen Island Concept

Always the right working height with “ergoAGENT base”:

Kitchen work is made so much more convenient and less stressful for the back when using height-adjustable work surfaces. In collaboration with Kesseböhmer, Ballerina-Küchen has developed a cooking island for LivingKitchen 2013, the height of which can be adjusted at the push of a button from 990 mm to 1190 mm or from 860 mm to 1060 mm.

In this way, it can be adjusted quickly, easily, and at any time to users’ different heights and to different tasks. It consequently meets a fundamental requirement for good kitchen design without damage to the back demanded by ergonomic experts at Darmstadt Technical University: “Frequent and/or prolonged working in a bent-over posture should be avoided in order to prevent spinal damage and disorders.” Recent research findings show that a working height 10 to 15 cm below elbow height is ideal.

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Height-Adjustable Cooking Island

This requirement can now be met at any time with the new height-adjustable cooking island, even when used by people of very different heights. The ideal working height for every member of the family can easily be determined with the AMK ergonometer.

Variable heights have also proved advantageous and ergonomically ideal for different kitchen tasks. A higher work surface is recommended, for example, for such fine, time-consuming tasks as chopping vegetables, so that the work can be undertaken with a straight back. A lower working height is better when muscular force is called for, such as when kneading dough, as it allows the user to apply his or her body weight, too.

The innovative island solution presented by Ballerina is consequently of multifunctional practicality, permits versatility when planning the kitchen, and can be used flexibly.



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