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Three-Dimensional, Colorful Wall Coverings – Vibes, Wallpapers, 3D Forms

Ceramic tiles, three-dimensional effects, and the premiere of wallpaper – each interior space is imagined as a microcosm of elements in tune with each other – the art of living. Combining different colors, finishes, and textures creates unique and dynamic indoor and outdoor spaces. Have a look at these contemporary frescoes.

Vibes – Ceramic Tiles as Contemporary Frescoes

Vibes - Ceramic Tiles as Contemporary Frescoes, Bedroom Decorating with Tiles,

Signed by Sartoria, Vibes appear as a building element that moves away from its original use in search of new expressions. With their three-dimensional shapes, the ceramic tiles in this artistic collection are assembled and arranged to compose contemporary frescoes. A complex melody of volumes and textures to explore space, modularity, and repetition originally, releasing, as the name suggests, positive vibrations.

three dimensional tiles moodboard,blue white beige color scheme,decorating with tiles,

A fundamental component of this ceramic solution is the possibility of combining different colors, finishes, and textures to create unique and dynamic interior and exterior spaces. Colors such as Niveo, Salvia, Mattone, Azzurro, Pino, and Indaco completely change appearance depending on the finish and, above all, the structure that rewrites its DNA, revealing how an element as simple as the brick can be reinvented from top to bottom.

sage and terracotta tiles color scheme,three dimensional tiles moodboard,decorating with tiles,

The five structures, Flat, Fold, Quilt, Punch, and Peak, unleash geometric patterns that can be both sophisticated and yet informal at the same time, adapting to every environment and need. From interior to outdoor, from residential to contract, Vibes is an invitation to rediscover the pleasure of building an artistic space one brick at a time.

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Wallpapers – Nature and Geometry Are Endless Sources of Inspiration

Wallpapers - Nature and Geometry Are Endless Sources of Inspiration,

A debut that confirms the path of experimentation undertaken by the company. Sartoria presents Wallpapers, an eco-friendly product that combines aesthetic research, color, and sartorial care where nature and geometry become endless sources of inspiration.

floral wallpaper bathroom,bathroom wall decor ideas,wallpaper above freestanding bath,nature inspired decor ideas,

Flowers, leaves, but also squares, triangles, circles, and digital themes, a mélange of traits that develop in the collections signed by D-Segno Studio and designer Anna D’Andrea. Even the names of the individual lines give free rein to the imagination: from the obvious literary references of Alphabet to the floral echoes of Fleur, Isabel, Trees, and Juncus to the call to distant worlds of Guyana.

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Wallpapers are a kaleidoscope of colors and shades balanced between cubism and impressionism that the brand translates into reality on the wall.

wall coverings for bedrooms,floral wallpaper bedroom ideas,green and wood tones for the bedroom decor,

A link with the five senses also returns in the choice of materials used, which includes different types of substrates: non-woven vinyl papers, paper with a PVC-free ecological soul, and Fiberglass that can be used in wet environments. As always, attention to aesthetics and sustainability.

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3D Forms – the Shapes of Ceramic Tiles

3D Forms - the Shapes of Ceramic Tiles,

Three-dimensionality is a concept that Terratinta Group has been working on for quite some time and which at Milan Design Week 2023 is expressed in a new proposal. The 3D Forms collection is the result of this study of proportions and includes two different lines of three-dimensional tiles, Cross and Fluted, which allow you to experiment with the laying direction to create a multitude of patterns allowing flexibility and individuality.

three dimensional tiles kitchen,terracotta and blue color scheme,wall coverings for the kitchen,

Cross brings the more traditional shape of the square to the white-body surface, transforming it into a ‘handmade’ experience of thicknesses, edges, and shadows, while Fluted combines colors and 3D shapes. A collection that celebrates movement, volume, and color, interpreted in the 13 color shades of the Micro. project.

Terratinta Group Press / Ghénos Communication

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