Sobočan Presented Their Most Outstanding Interior Design Projects

Sobočan Design Studio, on Thursday, May 18 in Zagreb, Croatia, presented their most outstanding design projects to the public and business partners of Sobočan. In Lauba – the house for people and art, the Croatian furnishing company exhibited 18 of their design projects for office spaces, shops, and hotels, as well as their own collection of premium office furniture, movo. Discover more.

“With this exhibition, we wanted to show the process of creation for spaces in which we like to stay, shop or simply enjoy our free time. On special frames that we made in our production facility in Mursko Središće, we showed the path from the idea to the final concepts of spatial arrangement with a detailed description of each individual project. At the same time, we wanted to show how design is not just drawing and designing, but a complete story about the brand and the process by which we create a special experience for the users of different spaces”, said Anamaria Burazin Eškinja, head of the Sobočan Design Studio.

Uprava tvrtke Sobočan i tim dizajnerskog studija na izložbi predstavljanja najboljih projekata,
Sobočan Management and Team of Sobočan Design Studio
Sobočan Presented Their Most Outstanding Interior Design Projects,
Exhibition of Interior Design Projects in Lauba, Zagreb

From Design and Product Development to Production

The business growth of the Sobočan company, which has been present on the market for 23 years, was continuously followed by investment in production capacities, the most modern machines, and new technology. In order to provide its clients with a unified service under one roof, from design and product development to production, the Sobočan Design Studio was opened in Zagreb in 2016. So today, under the motto “Everything Works”, with the synergy of knowledge and experience in the field of design, project management, technology, and production, they create complete solutions for their clients.

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Sobočan Presented Their Most Outstanding Interior Design Projects,

“In our work, we first focus on understanding the needs of our clients and their vision. Based on that, our team creates a creative and unique concept that turns into the design of space and spatial elements. The development team of the Sobočan company is the link between the idea and the creation of the final product in its own production. The whole process ends with the implementation in the space of our clients. The possibility to offer our clients everything under one roof is our competitive advantage in the market”, concludes Anamaria Burazin Eškinja.

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Sobočan Presented Their Most Outstanding Interior Design Projects,

Sobočan Press / IMC Agency

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