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Top Bathroom Tips – How to Choose the Bathtub, Tiles, and Murals

Create a layout for a large, small, or hotel-inspired bathroom. Find out how to make a small bathroom look more spacious with tiles. Discover artistic murals for bathrooms inspired by tropical landscapes and English gardens.

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Where to Place the Bathtub – 3 Functional and Stylish Layouts

Whether remodeling an existing space, creating an extension, or a new en-suite, carefully planning the layout of a bathroom can transform the space into a functional, stunning, well-designed wellness area that helps turn daily routine into a relaxing ritual.

Create a feel-good spa sense in the bathroom by evoking a feeling of space and luxury. The bathtub is seen as the key design piece of every luxury bathroom. The floor plan should be planned around it to maximize every available inch. Start by choosing a bath that makes a statement while being in harmony with the overall aesthetic at the same time.

“We’ve put together some of our pointers for choosing a layout that reflects and enhances the true essence of what a blissful bathtime could look like for you.” Lee Frost, Director, Waters Baths of Ashbourne

The Master Bathroom

Where to Place the Bathtub – 3 Functional and Stylish Layouts, Bathtub by the Window,

Placing a freestanding bath near the window creates a stunning focal point when you enter the room; allowing the view to continue outdoors, thus visually enlarging the interior space and creating an ever-changing, nature-laden tableau to enjoy from the tub. 

The Bijoux Bathroom

how to choose bathtub, small bathroom ideas with shower and bathtub,

In the small bathroom, utilizing an empty corner will free up the central floor space, thus giving the illusion of a larger room. Building in multiple functions that take up a minimum space – like a shower bath – is a great choice for a smaller space, a guest ensuite, or when you only have one bathroom but want the luxury of choice. For instance, the Ebb shower bath delivers the comfort and curves of a freestanding bath in one space-efficient corner-hugging design.

Hotel Chic En-Suite

hotel inspired bathroom ideas, bathtub in bedroom ideas,

Create your staycation by bringing the style of a boutique hotel to your home. Placing a freestanding tub in the master suite creates a trendy hotel room look. Having a bathtub in the bedroom oozes opulence, so opt for a sleek, stylish piece with lasting great looks that will complement every bedroom scheme.  

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How to Choose Tiles for a Small Bathroom

How to Choose Tiles for a Small Bathroom,

Hyperion Tiles brings you expert tips on how to make a small bathroom look more spacious with tiles.

  • Choose light-colored tiles to make your bathroom feel brighter and more open.
  • Use large format tiles to give the illusion of more space by reducing the grout lines.
  • Place the same tiles on the floors and walls to create a more cohesive look, which will make the space feel larger.
  • Consider a glossy finish, which will reflect the light and make the space feel larger and lighter.
  • Pick diagonal patterns because these will create the illusion of more depth in your bathroom.
  • Use accent tiles sparingly – too many can make the room feel cluttered.

Illustrate a Nature-Inspired Bathroom with Murals

Imagine a bathroom so captivating you’re transported to a natural landscape each time you enter the room. Original Style’s Living Murals make a statement in the bathroom decor. They are designed on large-format tiles, created for bathrooms of all sizes, and comprising three design panels. These stylish murals are designed and printed in Exeter, Devon.

Tropical Oasis

Illustrate a Nature-Inspired Bathroom with Murals, Tropical Oasis Bathroom,

A refreshing rainforest-style mural (also in the cover photo) is bursting with detail and color. This design is inspired by warm climes and exotic landscapes stretching out into the horizon, offering an immersive experience in bathrooms.

“It’s all about maximalism. People are incorporating bright colors and bold prints to create showstopping schemes. We loved designing this statement tile mural and think it fits the maximalism trend perfectly when paired with a bold checkerboard floor. Opt for luxurious accessories like plush velvet, rich colorways, and metallic accents.” says Becca Keenan, Designer

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English Garden

English Garden Bathroom Mural, Illustrate a Nature-Inspired Bathroom with Murals,

Capturing a tranquil countryside scene, the English Garden Mural features delicate wildflowers, lush greenery, and sumptuous rolling hills. Inspired by the abundance of summer blooms found in the English countryside, this artistic mural will instill a feeling of serenity within the home.

“Quintessentially English – This mural is sure to transport you to a beautiful summer’s day in the countryside. We opted for a beautiful bath with gold accents and fixtures and fittings to match. For a glamorous look, pair with marbles and metallics, and style with luxurious accessories in complimenting pastel tones.”Becca Keenan, Designer

Enjoy creating your functional and artistic bathroom. 🙂

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