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With over 30 models in its catalog and 4,700 items produced every year, Bonaldo is positioned among the most significant Italian table manufacturers.

These products represent a significant portion of Bonaldo’s production, not only in terms of quantities but more particularly in terms of quality and prize-winning ability: to quote only a few examples, Big Table by Alain Gilles won the Good Design Award and was published in some of the world’s most prestigious media, Sol and Still by Bartoli Design won respectively the Good Design Award and the Red Dot Award, with the latter also awarded to Welded, also by Alain Gilles. Several tables have entered design history: one example is H2O, designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, which, although it is no longer in production, is nevertheless shown in exhibitions dedicated to design.

These are elegant tables, for contemporary tastes, and in the vast majority of cases extremely practical thanks to their extension mechanisms that have been conceived in order to obtain the best possible result both from a styling point of view and the point of view of functionality. These are some of the principal characteristics of the collection, which demonstrates all the know-how that Bonaldo has been able to build up over the nearly 80 years of its history: the processing of metal, its starting point, and then so many other different materials – woods, glass, stone, plastic, natural cement  – that are highlighted in each Bonaldo table.

In 2013 the collection has been expanded with a number of tables that differ considerably one from another – both in the matter of taste and functionality, and which have been designed by three designers among those who are most in tune with the Bonaldo concept: Bartoli Design, Alain Gilles and Mauro Lipparini.


Kime Table

Design: Bartoli Design

aluminum and glass table design,white dining room table,white and yellow dining room decor,

An extending table that is solid and easy to use, conceived to form part of the domestic landscape with a lightness of format, discretion, and elegance. Kime is ideal for positioning in a kitchen environment, but its clean silhouettes also make it perfect for young and informal living areas, to satisfy all those who look for the practicality of the extending table top without forsaking a modern design. Thanks to a simple lateral sliding movement of the legs and of one or two laminated Doluflex® extensions, the length of the tabletop can be increased easily while retaining the ultimate stability.

The frame is in aluminum: painted white or matt anthracite grey. The tabletop is in extra clear glass (painted white, acid-treated white), acid-treated black glass, or in white or anthracite grey laminated Doluflex®.

Table top dimensions:

125 cm / 170 cm x 80 cm

140 cm / 175 cm / 210 cm x 90 cm

165 cm /210 cm / 255 cm x 90 cm

180 cm / 225 cm / 270 cm x 90 cm


Match Table

Design: Mauro Lipparini

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The name of the table designed by Mauro Lipparini, Match (from the English for “flame-maker”), is inspired by the shape of its legs. The youthful design is one of elegant modernity and offers an interesting counterpoint between the tabletop and the frame.

The tabletop, with its light circumference made up of continuous straight lines and curves, seems to disappear behind its beveled thickness, only revealing in the curves of the corners the punctual sign of the legs. The solid wood legs are slightly tapered downwards and shaped in their cross-section, almost like a poem that is purposely discreet and hidden.

“Match” has a truly delicate quality and its presence recalls the lightness of a match. (Mauro Lipparini)

The extending tabletop, made of extra clear glass (painted white, acid-treated white), acid-treated black glass, or in white or anthracite grey lacquered Doluflex®, is distinguished by a profile in the same shade as the top itself (lacquered white or matt anthracite grey). The extension is made of Doluflex®: lacquered white or anthracite grey. The legs are in solid ash wood (pale, painted walnut wood or painted anthracite grey).

Table top dimensions:

165 cm / 220 cm x 90 cm

180 cm / 235 cm x 90 cm

220 cm / 280 cm x 100cm


Octa Table

Design: Bartoli Design

dining table with eight legs in the middle,bonaldo octa dining table,dining room furnishings,,

Octa is derived from the Greek octo which means eight: that is the number of legs that equip this table designed by Bartoli Design for Bonaldo. The legs are indeed the key players in Octa: built out of metal rods that have been bent and welded, they form a base that is light in appearance, but which still gives an impression of great solidity and stability.

The idea of a table with legs made of metal rods came from playing the game of Mikado pick-up sticks. Order in disorder, lightness, and a filigree pattern – are some of the characteristics that come to mind when thinking about this product, which is designed to be unusual and elegant. (Bartoli Design)

Octa is available with a fixed rectangular tabletop in various finishes: white or matt anthracite grey lacquered wood; solid American walnut wood or anthracite grey brushed oak wood; natural walnut wood; acid-treated white or acid-treated black extra-clear glass. The base is in painted metal (white or matt anthracite grey), chromed or black nickel.

Table top dimensions:

200 cm x 100 cm – 250 cm x 100 cm – 300 cm x 108 cm


Prora Fixed Table

Design: Mauro Lipparini

table design inspired by sea,white dining room table,metal and wood dining table,

A name linked to the sea has been given to this table with its impressive appearance,  and whose legs recall the shape of the prow of a ship. This is a classic item from the Bonaldo production list that is being relaunched in 2013 in a new version with a two-tone fixed table top in new materials and finishes, which comes in addition to the already existing extending table top.

As is often the case in the Bonaldo collection, Prora combines functionality with elegant styling and innovation: this is the way that Bonaldo meets the demands of the modern public, who love design as much as practicality and who want to make the most of their available space.

Prora is strongly characterized by its substantial base, made of metal: painted glossy white, matt white, or matt anthracite grey. The tabletop is available in acid-treated white or acid-treated black extra clear glass, and in addition in the fixed version, in greige or natural walnut wood.

Fixed table top dimensions:

200 cm x 100 cm – 250 cm x 100 cm – 300 cm x 108 cm

Extending table top dimensions:

180 / 280 cm x 100 cm

220 / 330 cm x 100 cm


Welded Table

Design: Alain Gilles

red and gray dining table ideas,dining table with red legs,steel and glass dining furniture,

Alain Gilles and Bonaldo have worked together on the creation of a  good number of products: the first table designed by Alain Gilles for Bonaldo, Big Table, achieved an extraordinary level of success with the public and the press; the second, Welded, launched for the 2012 edition of the Salone del Mobile furniture show, was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award (“red dot: best of the best” in the Product Design category). The name Welded recalls the welding process and alludes to the main features of this new product: essential appeal, practicality, clean-cut lines with a male design free of any superfluous decorations.

As Alain Gilles explains, the idea for Welded springs from research into the “new simplicity” – understood in this case as the reduced use of materials and the utmost simplification of all processing phases.

The legs, which distinguish the table and give it an almost architectural appeal, are made of steel: the parts used to make them are obtained from laser-cut sheet steel, they are then welded together and painted matt in: white, anthracite grey, bright red, orange, green and brown.

The rectangular-shaped table top is available in four sizes up to 3 meters in length and is offered in wood (lacquered matt white, walnut-wood, solid  American walnut-wood, solid anthracite grey brushed oak- wood), in glass (acid-treated black glass, acid-treated white extra clear glass), in Laminam® (new for 2013) and in the original version of matt white Carrara marble.

Table top dimensions:

200 cm x 100 cm – 220 cm x 100 cm – 250 cm x 100 cm – 300 cm x 108 cm


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