Vibrant Beauty of Viva Magenta with Pelargoniums

Viva Magenta! Enjoy the power of the Color of the Year in your garden, balcony, or terrace with pelargoniums. Discover a few stylish ideas.

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023 makes a lovely color choice in fashion, garden design, and interior decor. The color on everyone’s lips is Viva Magenta, a crimson red tone that beautifully balances between warm and cool. This vibrant tone encourages optimism in bohemian times. The team at Pelargoniums for Europe has put together some ideas to bring this vivid hot nuance of pink to your outdoor space design.

Vibrant Beauty of Viva Magenta with Pelargoniums,

Pelargoniums in a pink colorway will add a bright spirit of spring and summer optimism to a garden, terrace, or balcony. This bold color accent will bring luminosity and a positive mood whether planted outdoors or indoors. Magenta can make a vibrant statement when paired with cooler tones in flower borders or as a centerpiece in a container, table display, hanging basket, or window box. It will introduce a colorful vibe to garden displays.

For a garden style, a great choice is the pelargoniums in this year’s hottest color trend. Here are some of the trendy ideas on how to place magenta pelargoniums and geraniums. Create a vibrant outdoor design this spring and summer.

Magenta Pelargonium Borders

Magenta is a warm color that complements beautifully cooler nuances like moss or light green. The foliage of pelargoniums will give a fantastic contrast to the hot pink flowers, thus making them a showstopper in every garden display.

Try combining it with a darker, more contrasted green if you want it to add more intensity.  Ferns make the ideal companion for any plant with their rich green tones and would look fantastic planted in a border display in front of a house or garden fence.

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Magenta Pelargoniums in Pots

One of the easiest and most effective ways to cover a patio, balcony, or garden with brilliant magenta color is by planting pelargoniums in containers. For instance, create a magenta showpiece on your terrace decking or light up a much darker area of the garden.

For containers, hanging baskets, or window boxes, pair your magenta blooms with silver foliage to add a touch of elegance. They will also work well with white flowers and plants such as lavender, nemesia, and lobelia for the perfect cottage garden container.

Planting magenta pelargoniums in terracotta or neutral-colored pots for the kitchen table or work surface will bring summer and color to the interior. Pelargoniums adore being indoors and thrive when placed in sunny places.

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Combine Pelargonium Varieties

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With more than 500 different types, including upright bushy regals, trailing ivy, and scented-leaf plants, combining magenta pelargoniums with red, burgundy, pastel pink, and white will result in a spectacular, attention-grabbing spectrum of colors and growth patterns which will flower all summer long. Whether it be a potted display or floral crafts, Viva Magenta can be fully encapsulated with these versatile plants. Enjoy gardening. 🙂

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