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Window Solutions – How to Bring the Daylight into Your Attic

The windows are essential to design a cozy attic space with lots of natural light. In this article, discover the benefits of creative window solutions for attic conversions. Bring more daylight into your interior spaces.

There are many reasons why the need for additional interior space at home is increasing. For instance, a larger room for the children, a place for the home office, or a home gym are among the reasons. The previously unused attic often offers the easiest way to gain additional living space while conserving resources. The conversion of the attic space is usually cheaper than extension or moving into a new home.

Create a Cozy Attic with Lots of Natural Light

When converting the attic space, in addition to good thermal insulation, which ensures pleasant temperatures in summer and winter, the windows are essential design elements to create a cozy home with lots of natural light.

In addition to considering the short-term acquisition costs, it’s also essential to take into account the long-term advantage they offer. Because the people living in the attic benefit from generous window areas for several decades – every day anew. Daylight has a large influence on the basic mood of a room and has a positive effect on the well-being of the residents, like colors and materials in the interior.

With skylights, the daylight comes into the depths of the room so that there are practically no electricity costs for artificial lighting during the day. This is a good reason for investing in large window solutions for more daylight.

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Window Planning as Part of Interior Design

In addition to one Velux window, the combination of several adjacent skylights offers the opportunity to significantly upgrade rooms with more daylight or a better view. Floor-to-ceiling windows can be implemented, as well as a variant that can be folded out to form a kind of mini-balcony.

Window Solutions - How to Bring the Daylight into Your Attic,

The number and size of the windows, as well as their arrangement, influence the spatial effect. If you plan windows on both sides of the roof, you benefit from the particularly effective cross ventilation – especially in the summer, when the cool evening air should be let into the room after a hot day. In addition, you experience the times of day much more intensively since the colors and intensity of sunlight throughout the day can also be experienced in the apartment. Also, it’s fascinating to observe the play of light and shadow in a room – a dynamic element in interior design. Press

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