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Create a Coastal-Themed Interior – 5 Beautiful Wallpaper Murals

Discover 5 trendy wall murals that add coastal charm to the interior. Decorate your living room, bedroom, or home office with an ocean-inspired wallpaper mural.

Sparkling Sea for a Charming Wall Decor

Water is one of the most important themes for the artist who created Sparkling Sea, Karina Eibatova. Once, when swimming in the ocean, Karina was so inspired by the blue and turquoise colors and the sparks on the waves that she decided to capture this sensation in the painting. Originally created with watercolors, this sparkling sea wallpaper mural, in the cover photo, reminds us of the beauty when the sunlight meets the ocean. (Image credit: Shutterstock/LEKSTOCK3D)

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Blue Hawaiian Wallpaper Mural

Blue Hawaiian Wallpaper Mural, Ocean-Inspired Wallpaper Murals for a Trendy Interior,

This modern, glossy, ocean-inspired wallpaper mural on a wood panel is layered with turquoise mica, jewel-toned inks, and deep green pigments. White foamy waves glisten as they splash against the shore. A cool-toned color palette created this multi-layered dimensional seascape. (Image credit: Adobe/TATTA)

Exciting Ocean Waves Inspired Wallpaper Mural

Exciting Ocean Waves Inspired Wallpaper Mural, Create a Coastal-Themed Interior - 5 Beautiful Wallpaper Murals,

Transform your bedroom, living room, or home office into a majestic oceanview interior with this blue ocean wave wallpaper mural. Featuring an alluring blue sea and magnificent white-capped waves, this eye-catching design will surely add coastal charm to any home interior.

Originally hand-painted, this blue ocean wallpaper mural captures the moment a stormy wave breaks out at sea. It captures the moment so perfectly that the waves will make you feel like you’re standing on the shore, watching the strength of the waves.

The mural is a freshening wall decor for every room that needs a splash of color and excitement. It fits well with a style of a beach house or seaside cottage, as well as in an urban apartment decor. Bring the beauty of the sea indoors.

Blue Lagoon on the Living Room Wall

Blue Lagoon on the Living Room Wall, Ocean Themed Wallpaper Murals,

This stylish, glossy, seascape wallpaper mural was originally painted as a resin artwork layered with soft blue hues and silver metallic pigments. Shimmering iridescent mica powder was added to the original artwork to create a hint of sparkle in the foamy white waves. A cool-toned color palette creates this serene, multi-dimensional seascape depiction. This wall art is a great addition to a relaxing living room. (Image credit: Shutterstock/

Island Life Themed Wall Mural

Island Life Themed Wall Mural, Ocean Inspired Wallpaper for the Coastal Bedroom,

This ocean-inspired seascape wallpaper mural is layered with soft tones of aqua and white pigments. A cool-toned color palette was used to create this serene, contemporary, multi-dimensional painting. In the original artwork, hints of sparkle can be found in the soft washes of white foamy waves near the shore. (Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara)

Bring the beauty of the sea to your home décor and create a trendy coastal-themed interior. 🙂

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