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Bolla Lighting Project – Matter, Shape, Light

Design Domenico De Palo

After the success and the appreciation obtained, Project  Bolla renews and expands its collection with two new forms applicable to the system: the hexagon and the rectangle. Bolla was created in order to pick the emotion enclosed in the sign.

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Bolla represents the rediscovering of an original material essence, with its natural sources: fire, sun, and light. A blend of various materials, Bolla represents a perfect metaphor of the natural world: stone, marble, paste to the crystal. A luminous, natural, or artificial source enters in contact with the crystal generating a new light, which comes in an indirect way, as a final residual of a body that emanates brightness thanks to the crystal itself. It deals with suggestions of light that go beyond every pure formal purpose.

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Bolla offers to the observer what he really is looking for that day: the emotional charge of the object itself, alive, beating, anytime new and amazing. This lighting project represents an absolute innovation in the domestic and international market of appliance coverings, both for its aesthetic originality and for its technological innovation.

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From the bonding process of the various materials to the development of unedited shapes, Bolla research project has developed lighting systems and light management technologies in order to offer those suggestions which are innate in its own original concept.

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