Chinese Astrology Meets Home Design – The Rabbit

Discover more about the Chinese horoscope sign – the Rabbit. Personality traits of these traditional and artistic people, favorite home and office designs, color and plant symbols, lifestyle, and occupations. 🙂

Chinese astrology is one of the most ancient Chinese philosophies. This more than 2,000 years old zodiac consists of a 12-year cycle. Each year of the cycle is the year of a different zodiac sign (The Rat, The Ox, The Tiger, The Rabbit, The Dragon, The Snake, The Horse, The Goat, The Monkey, The Rooster, The Dog, The Pig).

Every sign of the Chinese zodiac describes one’s personality and the design of one’s home and workspace.

Chinese Astrology Meets Home Design – The Rabbit,
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In this article, discover the interior designer’s ideas for designing and decorating the home and the office of the Rabbit.

Home Design for the Rabbit Horoscope Sign

Being lovers of art and culture, members of this sophisticated Chinese horoscope sign often visit or work in museums, art galleries, and antique shops.

Passion for art is also visible in the look of their homes and offices. Traditional and artistic furniture, as well as classic-style interior decoration, outline their traditional worldview. A carefully organized and clean home points to their meticulousness.

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The homes of the Rabbits are comfortable oases, where they enjoy peace and quiet. After a hard day’s work, they relax with their favorite music and romantic movies. The Rabbits enjoy their evenings in the comfort of elegant sofas with dim and indirect lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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In the privacy of their own home, they occasionally host gourmet dinners to which they invite a small circle of friends, and they are also fans of intimate dinners where roses (red, of course) and candlelight create a romantic atmosphere.  

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Neutral white and relaxing light green are associated with this horoscope sign. This color palette creates cozy and refreshing spaces. The fig tree is their plant symbol.

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Office Design for the Rabbit

Representatives of this artistic Chinese zodiac sign love to work in art and culture professions. The Rabbits’ traditional view of the world is also noticeable in the design of their offices. Classic-style furniture and calming white-meets-green color palette design their workspaces. The carefully organized and neat office interiors reveal their meticulousness and composure.

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