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Designer’s Tips for Choosing the Best Fabric Window Treatment

Textile window decorations create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the interior. Privacy protection, blackout, or a stylish statement are some of the roles that window treatments play in interior design. There is a wide range of beautiful window styling ideas to choose from, you just have to find the right product for your home. and Dekoria bring the overview that will make your choice easier. Have a look at these stylish fabric window treatment ideas.


How to Choose a Fabric Window Treatment - Designer's Tips,

Curtains are often referred to as drapes, but there is one key difference: the curtains are usually made of delicate, transparent decorative fabrics such as voile, linen, or batiste. They ensure coziness and appear subtle and fresh. Curtains visually enlarge the space by letting in natural light. Drawn, curtains can also serve as a privacy screen. To ensure a lot of daylight in your home, translucent curtains in light colors are particularly desirable.

Drapes or Draperies

Designer's Tips for Choosing the Best Fabric Window Treatment,

Drapes are made of opaque fabrics and are therefore usually placed to the side of the window. These stylish window treatments convey comfort and protect privacy. Depending on the degree of transparency, drapes can be semi-transparent, opaque, or blackout. You can choose from different attachments: curling tape, loops, eyelets, or hidden hooks. You also decide on the type of gather (fullness) and on the attachment to the rod or ceiling rail. It is recommendable having the draperies made to the dimensions of your space. This is how you’ll get the perfect product that fits your window with centimeter precision.

Roman Blinds

How to Choose a Fabric Window Treatment - Designer's Tips,

The Roman blind has prevailed in modern interior design; it forms a practical and beautiful alternative for curtains and drapes. Roman blinds emphasize the window and combine the best properties of curtains and blinds: privacy protection with a decorative function.

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They are attached to the wall, ceiling, curtain rod, or window frame, so the pleated blinds take up little space and are also suitable for smaller rooms. After pulling up, decorative, horizontal folds form. Roman blinds can be adjusted using the chain, so you can easily dose the light.

For your living space to be light-flooded and light, and if you don’t need any special privacy protection, transparent Roman blinds are the right choice for you. They provide pleasant, glare-free daylight in the interior.

Short Curtains

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The special thing about the short curtains is that they only cover part of the window in order to set an accent in the room and still let enough light into the room. The short curtain can attractively enhance the upper quarter of the window or reach half the window height.

Thanks to the integrated eyelets, sewn-on loops, or drawstrings, bistro curtains can be easily drawn onto the curtain rods.

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Textiles shape our windows and give our rooms a cozy atmosphere. Window decoration can change the effect of a room right away, without investing a lot of money and time. You can set really stylish accents with colors and patterns. Enjoy decorating your windows with fabric. 🙂

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