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5 Colorful Ways to Refresh Your Trending Home

Add an artistic touch to your trendy home interior – with these color tips and colorful products. Discover five designer ways to refresh your living space.

3 Easy Paint Ideas for 2023 – Interior Style Trends

In 2023, use paint to make a bold design statement, zone parts of your home or simply add a pop of color to the interior.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, shares 3 easy paint ideas to refresh your home in just 24 hours.

Paint a Trendy Arch Wall
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A key trend for interiors in 2023, curved shapes and arches bring softness and a relaxed, comfortable feel. “Introduce this trend to your kitchen & diner with a painted arch,” suggests Rebecca. “This look frames your dining set beautifully and adds personality to a blank wall.” Paint the arch an upbeat color like sunny yellow to energize the space and keep the overall color palette neutral with white, beige, and light wood tones. Add warmth with a round oak dining table and elegant fabric chairs.

Paint Your Ceiling for a Bold Statement
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In your living room, paint the ceiling for a dramatic feature. “Painted ceilings are trending for 2023 as an unexpected way to add color,” says Rebecca. “They instantly draw the eyes up and make other accents pop.” Lighter hues help open up the room while darker shades feel polished and cozy. Create a fresh yet sophisticated look by painting your ceiling an invigorating green and keeping the walls white. Take a designer-led approach to ground the room with a contemporary grey sofa and modern accessories in metallic finishes.

Create a Home Office Nook with Open Shelves
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Use paint and open shelves to zone your work-from-home area in a multi-functional room. “On the walls, use soothing light green as a neutral and define your workspace with green paint a few shades darker,” says Rebecca. “Then install open shelves and paint them in the same color as the wall for a clean, seamless look.” On the shelves, display small potted plants and books that inspire your creativity. Create a modern, airy feel with a sleek black desk and chair.

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Abstract Art in the Heart of the Home – as a Colorful Kitchen Splashback or Bathroom Tile

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Shades of teal and sparks of orange come together in Dusk On The Water, one of the statement designs from Red Dog Glass Design – a luxury design house specializing in high-quality glass splashbacks and bathroom tiles.

Dusk On The Water is a piece of original art by the artist and founder of Red Dog Glass Design – Sally Coulden. It is a unique celebration of a bustling city in the evening with its offices still aglow, juxtaposed against the calmness of a harbor.

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The abstract artwork has been recreated into a digital format so that it can be reproduced onto high-quality glass panels, to put abstract art into the heart of the family home, either as a kitchen splashback or bathroom tile.

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Bring the freshness of the botanical trend into your bathroom design with a sense of relaxation through the green color. Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s (also in the cover photo) custom color service welcomes the outdoors indoors, helping to evoke a sense of tranquility and calm regardless of the season. Whether opting for a flash of jewel-bright emerald, lush forest green, soft sage, or the palest pistachio – bring fresh color to the bathroom. Create an individual, mood-enhancing interior space to help balance out the stress of the everyday.

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Enjoy refreshing your beautiful home with color. 🙂

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