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Create a Trending Bathroom Design – 5 Stylish Ideas

Discover trendy bathroom ideas – spa-inspired bathrooms (or ‘spathrooms’), artistic designs for this cozy space, and trending colors in the bathroom… 🙂

Spathroom Chic: Trendy Home Spa Bathrooms

Luxurious, spa-inspired bathrooms (or ‘spathrooms’) are going to be big news in 2023, according to new research from independent tile specialists Porcelain Superstore.

Data from Pinterest shows searches for the term ‘home spa bathroom’ are up 190% over the last two years.

Create a Trending Bathroom Design - 5 Stylish Ideas,

Abbas Youssefi, Founder of Porcelain Superstore, said:

“Homeowners are looking to create gorgeous-looking spaces where they can completely unwind.”

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Abbas believes large format, natural-effect tiles that exude effortless luxury will be the ones to watch in 2023.

He said: “Large format tiles mean minimal joins, which improves flow and can help the bathroom feel more expansive. Combine with natural-effect tiles, such as stone, wood, or marble for an opulent finish.”

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Bring the Spa Elements into Your Cozy Bathroom

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Photo – Excelsa

Mural Designs in the Bathroom

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As the pattern is becoming more coveted within general interiors, mural designs are now taking center stage in beautiful bathrooms and kitchens. Thanks to advances in tile production, you can now use large-scale flowing patterns in wet areas, and some are even suitable for external use due to their frost-proof qualities. This increase in production has led to a noticeable increase in demand – the ‘mural wall tile’ trend has flown up a staggering 135% over the last 12 months on Pinterest! Top Tip: To really make a mural pop, pair it with a tile that contrasts with the background for prominence. (Baked Tile Co.)

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Indulge in a Trendy Copper Bath

luxury copper bathtub,modern bathroom ideas 2023,spa inspired bathroom ideas

The freestanding copper bath from Renaissance at Home (also in the cover photo) will attract attention and inject some palatial indulgence into any bathroom space.

Barry Whitehead, Marketing Director from Renaissance at Home, said: “Copper baths are a sumptuous addition to any bathroom. They epitomize luxury and are a timeless piece, meaning they are a truly worthwhile investment.”

Viva Magenta Washbasins – the Positivity of Pantone’s Color of the Year

viva magenta bathroom,trendy washbasin design,modern bathroom ideas 2023

Inspired by Pantone’s Viva Magenta Color of the Year 2023, Waters Baths of Ashbourne embraces the positivity of color and brings it to the bathroom design. This vibrant color adds a touch of joy, luxury, and positivity to even the smallest of daily rituals.

viva magenta bathroom,trendy washbasin design,modern bathroom ideas 2023,,design magazine

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