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Trendy Wall and Floor Décor – Urban Jungle, Ethnic-Chic

Nature-inspired, colorful and eclectic indoor and outdoor spaces are very trendy. In this article, brings you carpets, rugs, wall murals, and wallpapers that beautifully fit the previously mentioned description, and are a great addition to urban jungle-inspired and ethnic chic-themed homes.

Create an Urban Jungle-Inspired Home with Patterned Carpets and Wall Murals

The Urban Jungle design trend is about bringing nature into your own four walls with indoor plants and making your home greener. Decorating with plants has many advantages – they have been proven to improve the indoor climate and reduce stress levels.

Carpets in Urban Jungle Design
Carpets in Urban Jungle Design,

The decorative look of the home can be rounded off with matching textiles with natural patterns, for instance, flora and fauna. These lovely patterns and colors create a cozy interior decor. Carpets in urban jungle design can decorate your living room, home office, bedroom, or terrace – transforming these interior and exterior spaces into an urban jungle-inspired living and working area. (Photos & Products – (also in the cover photo))

Wall Murals Roar into Popularity
urban jungle wall decoration,trending wall decor 2023,

Wall murals are going to be big news when it comes to interior trends in 2023, according to independent design house Ohpopsi.

And for homeowners looking to embrace the wall mural trend in all its maximalist glory, the brand’s Eastern-inspired Roar design ticks all the boxes.

Hand-drawn in ink, Roar captures the majesty of a Bengal tiger hiding among oversized foliage. A complete work of art, the tiger surveys all from its secluded vantage point. Intricate detailing adds depth to oversized leaves and rainforest plants, building to create this captivating scene.

Trendy Wall and Floor Décor - Urban Jungle, Ethnic-Chic,

Zoe Eaton, Creative Director of Ohpopsi, said: “Large, single images will be used to create an all-encompassing space that cocoons homeowners – offering a real sense of stability. Roar is perfect for those who are not afraid of embracing maximalism. It is a showstopping design that commands attention and the perfect way to refresh interiors in 2023.”

Design Inspired by a Wallpaper Master

trendy wallpaper for living room,floral wall decor ideas,urban jungle wall decoration,trending wall decor 2023

Maximalist design house Bobo1325 is paying homage to revolutionary British designer William Morris in a new wallpaper, Stark.

An ethereal floral with Victorian vibes, Stark is a contemporary take on Morris’ original work, bridging the gap between new and old. This contemporary floral wallpaper is great for adorning the walls of your bedroom, living room, and hallways.

blue and white wallpaper designs,trendy wallpaper for walls,

Beth Travers, the founder of Bobo1325, said: “Like the rest of the Bobo1325 collection, Stark is bursting with color and pattern, and it has been created to bring a classic feel wherever it is used.”

“Like Morris’ original designs, it pays homage to our natural world and puts flora and fauna center stage. But like everything Bobo1325, it has a little twist. Using different shades of blue, from a dark navy to an almost silver-like shade, Stark has an almost other-worldly feel about it.”

Ethnic-Chic and Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rugs

Soft-to-the-touch weather-proof rugs are robust floor coverings that transform the outdoor spaces into an extension of your indoor home. Their beautifully woven designs add to the warmth and welcoming feel of a terrace or balcony space.

Yet perhaps best of all, each rug is made from up to 5,400 recycled plastic bottles, which makes it eco-friendly.

Ethnic-Chic and Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rugs,

Andalucia Granada Rug blends the motifs of southern Spain and northern Africa in soft pastels. The geometric pattern of the Andalucia Zahara Rug features faded tones of pink, grey, and gold. These eclectic patterns bring Mediterranean flair to balconies, terraces, and gardens.

ethnic chic floor decoration ideas,modern floor decor ideas,eco friendly outdoor rugs,

The Medina Tangier Rug takes inspiration from Moroccan rug designs, in an on-trend monochrome print. Nomad rug range is a beautiful collection of Persian-style patterns that feature reds, greens, greys, yellows, and blues and a traditional Kilim design to bring a look of the East into your outdoor space.

Trendy Wall and Floor Décor - Urban Jungle, Ethnic-Chic,

These stylish rugs evoke dreams of far-off lands and create ethnic-chic outdoor spaces. (Photos & Products – Weaver Green)

Enjoy decorating. 🙂

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