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5 Lovely Christmas Wooden Decorations for a Cozy Home

Wood is a beautiful natural material that creates a calm, cozy atmosphere in the home. In this article, discover five Christmas decorations made of wood – rustic, sustainable, artistic, Scandinavian-inspired, cookies-themed… 🙂

Rustic Wooden – Merry Christmas, Red, and Green Sleigh

This rustic-style wooden Merry Christmas red and green sleigh (in the cover photo) is a lovely freestanding Christmas decoration that brings traditional rustic decor to your holiday ambiance. This ornament from Melody Maison is made of wood and comes with a classic sleigh design and natural wood finish. Words spelling Merry Christmas are sitting on top of the sleigh. This festive lettering is in a traditional red and green color combo with Christmas tree detailing.

Due to its rustic look and traditional design, the sleigh decor could easily blend into Scandinavian rustic and traditional style Christmas themes. This would look fabulous on a side table, mantelpiece, coffee table, or shelf. 

ARBOR – Sustainable Wooden Christmas Tree

5 Lovely Christmas Wooden Decorations for a Cozy Home,

Arbor is the unconventional Christmas tree by Inventoom and from DesignItaly. This wooden tree sculpture is an artistic addition to furnishing your home with style – for the holidays and all year. In laminated pine wood, Arbor is a sustainable piece of decor, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Scandi-Design – Christmas Tree FILIGRANTREE (S)

Christmas tree made of wood,wooden Christmas tree decorations,nordic inspired Christmas decorations

The Scandinavian design Christmas tree FILIGRANTREE (S) by Trine Find, from the Danish design company by Wirth, and HolzDesignPur, creates an artistic atmosphere during Advent and Christmas – every year. Made from natural material – wood, the 65 cm high decorative tree has a stylish look that makes it a durable and timeless home accessory.

Nordic Inspiration – Wooden Bead and Foliage Decoration for the Christmas Tree

wooden Christmas tree decorations,nordic inspired Christmas decorations,

Ornate your festive Christmas tree with this beautiful wooden bead and foliage decoration to create a stylish Nordic-inspired Christmas. Strung with cream twine, these sweet decorations from Ginger Ray will look charming – dotted around the tree. With festive foliage, hints of gold, and wooden features – which will add an extra touch of warmth to the cozy Christmas home decor.

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Gingerbread Man – Wooden Christmas Decoration

gingerbread man decorations for Christmas,wooden Christmas decorations,

Get into the festive cookie-baking spirit with this wooden gingerbread man decor from Ginger Ray. Each gingerbread man is an authentic brown baked-cookies color with white details and is tied together with red and white twine. Great for decorating the edge of tables, hanging on walls, or just around the Christmas tree. Sweet idea for decorating the interior of your home this Christmas.

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Enjoy decorating! 🙂

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