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Luxury Home Décor Trends That Will Dominate 2023

Find out more about 7 top interior decorating trends that will be in vogue in the year 2023 – home décor styles, color palettes, materials, furniture, and lighting designs.

It’s challenging to understand what will stay in vogue and what will soon fade its shine, especially when new interior design trends enter the market every time you blink your eyes. That being said, here are seven top home décor trends that will definitely make noise in 2023!

The Glamorous Marble in Interior Décor

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Marble is a symbol of luxury and glamour. One can never expect it to go out of style, at least not for the next ten years! This makes the luxury marble stone a trend to watch out for in the coming year. Recently, you can see more and more homeowners involving at least a piece or two of marble in different places of their living spaces.

Some people like placing eye-catching marble pieces in their kitchen or living room to draw attention, make it a focal point, and create a dramatic essence. At the same time, some like involving a marble vase or other pieces in their bedroom to enhance its look. If you want to complement that statement piece with something big, you can incorporate it in your home through floorings, walls, countertops, cabinetry, fireplaces, facades, or even fountains to make a bold decision! You can choose a variety of marble stones that have either warmer hues or cooler tones to match your style and personality.

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The Bold Decorating Style Fusion – Japandi

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Japandi is a fusion of two strong-going design principles – Japanese and Scandinavian. This trending design style is slowly gaining popularity in the USA. It involves a mixture of two peaceful interior design styles. To understand this style, let’s first describe both concepts separately.

The Japanese interior design style has a subtle connection to nature grounded in simplicity. There’s nothing dramatic to expect from this style. Instead, you will notice clean lines with a neutral palette of colors, rough-hewn texture, and minimal styling. This country’s design style is known to make the interior and exterior blend together, meaning installing a sliding door attached from the living space to the backyard garden. While the Japanese style is known for being rooted in their culture, the Scandinavian design style involves more modernism. It focuses on being sleek and functional yet ensuring it’s unique and recognizable. What’s common between the two is their simplicity, functionality, and their thinking to bring fresh air and light inside the home.

Coming back to the fusion of the two, Japandi brings an intriguing mix of efficiency and minimalism to the table. From the Nordic design side, you get cool straight, metal lines that follow a basic color scheme. The Japanese design involves natural elements like bamboo and rattan to bring coziness and warmth to your living space. Artistically shabby wooden furniture is great for adding chic shabbiness to your space.

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The Open Wine Display

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From hiding your wine cellars to proudly flaunting your booze collection with an open wine display, we all have grown to develop our liking. Slowly, homeowners are shifting from merely using wine cellars to store wine and started utilizing wine storage as an art installation.

Incorporating a wine rack design that can further become an efficient storage space is an intelligent interior choice. One of the most significant advantages of this is that it is space-saving, as you can accommodate it in any corner of your space based on your chosen design. Further, it’s versatile and offers an excellent visual appeal.

The Oversized Light Pendant

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Another hot trend we see taking over in 2023 is the large oversized hanging lights – in areas like the dining space or even your bedroom! One reason we see this interior design trend being loved is that experimenting with bold patterns, style, proportion, and scale brings creative results.

The interior designers who first stumbled upon the idea of having oversized lights take the spotlight definitely made an excellent decision. These lightings attract attention, but they also enhance the space and make it more exquisite.

The Modern Curves

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Straight lines add chicness and make a space appear clean, but people are also inclining towards modern curves to make the room appear more playful yet minimal. We can see people opting for more rounded furniture and curved arches to provide style in a softer kind of way.

Ensure you reflect on the color choices to go right with your curvy selection of furniture in the space. You can be experimental in your color palette and opt for green hues like blending white, bold, and dark green, or get your hands on natural blush mixes like pink with white and a hint of brown. Even incorporating soft lilac and cream can elevate the space yet make it subtle and not be too “right-in-your-eyes.” For wallpapers, you can choose to go bold with geometric patterns, as the mixture of colors and patterns creates a bold personality.

Implementing arched doorways with sweeping curves and concave shelves around the exterior sides of the walls will give your space an exciting dimension and make it appear unique and funky.

The Dramatic Gothic Layer

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Personalizing a space can transform its essence, make it appear more affluent, and make it more attractive. Incorporating gothic design is one such way to add your personal touch and embrace your dramatically bold side of interior style. Apart from being a dramatic choice, it also contains a fascinating and rich layer that welcomes dark hues into your space.

One way to incorporate this interior style into your home without implementing black or darker hues is with lavish chandeliers, sweeping curtains, sculptures, and arch mirrors. Add to it a contemporary twist of neutral colors and natural materials like metals, woods, and stones – creating a memorable space that can be impactful!

Experiment with Your Usual Interior Design Style

2023 will be the year where you experiment with your otherwise usual choice of interiors. There are so many choices to grab, from the glamourous marble to the dramatic gothic layer and more; there’s no more a fixed style guide to follow in order to create a liveable, fun, and trendy living space. You can explore various color hues, switch up your regular palette choice, or experiment with the décor pieces and patterns – go ahead and explore the world of design at its finest!

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