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8,500 Seedlings for Preservation of Forests and Natural Habitats

Sobočan, a furniture company from Međimurje, Croatia, apart from its innovative products stands out in its innovative projects in corporate social responsibility. In order to encourage changes and showcase the importance of caring about the environment, Sobočan started a reforestation campaign which is supported by an elaborate marketing campaign. Read the article to find out more.


In the past few weeks, many people on various online platforms and billboards have noticed messages such as “Do you want this luxury? We’re giving it away!”, which piqued the interest for actively tracking the campaign. In the second phase of the campaign, it was revealed that the luxury home meant for the giveaway was actually a birdhouse that Sobočan will “build” with its new 8,500 seedlings in the effort of reforestation. Their campaign can be supported by everyone, and all it takes is a smile because, for every smile captured with an Instagram filter, Sobočan will plant one tree.

“With our strategy of sustainable business practices, we intend to give back to the community that which we use in our everyday operations. By replanting trees we want to contribute to the variety of forests which are our lungs and habitat for many animal species. We wanted to attract attention with an unusual campaign to pique the interest of the public to support our initiative in a way that allows us to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. That is why every smile is important in order for us to reach our goal.”, stated Pece Acev, director of marketing of Sobočan.

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Awarded Workspace Design – Movo Mobile Home Office / Photo by Mario Pavlovic


The Sobočan campaign will last for a year and culminate in the Green Festival on World Reforestation Day, 28th April 2023. The campaign was also supported by many local green influencers Vedran Grizbaher, Darija Walter, and Zara Hrvatin as well as many other public figures.

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