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Revolving Shower by Nobili Rubinetterie

With Revolving Shower by Nobili Rubinetterie, the shower space is refashioned in a blink. Its clean lines also make this model the perfect match for any bathroom.

Revolving Shower is just one of the many new proposals by Nobili Rubinetterie. The firm has redesigned every product to fulfill specific needs: in this case, renovating and making the shower environment more comfortable and functional with no need for complicated and messy construction works.

By connecting Revolving Shower to the water outlet one can enjoy a two-way system instead of a single outlet right away. The built-in diverter enables you to choose between a shower head and a manual sliding hand shower, while the telescopic arm makes it adaptable to any kind of need.

Revolving Shower doesn’t simply make installation easier, it also offers the quality and technological background featured by all Nobili products.

Simply put, easy and long-lasting renovation.



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By Danica Maričić

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