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Iverpan’s Showroom in Zagreb Brings Sustainable and Inspiring Materials for Interior Decoration

Croatian furnishing company, Iverpan, opened a new showroom on Draškovićeva Street in Zagreb – exhibiting sustainable and inspiring materials for interior decoration such as cork, ecological organoids, and hand-painted ceramics. Discover more.

Material made of rose petals or coffee that emits a scent in the room for several years, cork furniture, and hand-painted ceramic tiles is only part of the offer of the new Iverpan exhibition space, which was opened recently in Zagreb’s Draškovićeva street.

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‘Iverpan – a showcase of ideas’ is conceived as a showroom where visitors can come to get inspiration for decorating their homes, business premises, and larger buildings. Croatian furnishing company also plans to hold workshops there for designers and architects in order to familiarize them with all the advantages and possibilities of using new materials.

Iverpan's Showroom in Zagreb Brings Sustainable and Inspiring Materials for Interior Decoration,

“Innovative materials such as organoids, which are created by pressing natural materials onto different load-bearing surfaces, are extremely aesthetic and original solutions for interior decoration. They can be used for furniture fronts, partition walls, wallpaper or floors, and can also be obtained as acoustic panels. However, many do not know this and this is the fundamental reason for opening this space. We wanted to show various ways of using this and other materials, as well as some trends in interior design,” says the director of Iverpan, Mladen Jambrović.


Guided by the Idea of Creating Spaces with Positive Health and Ecological Impact on People and the Environment

iverpan draškovićeva,zeleni zidovi u dnevnom boravku,biofilni dizajn,

Since Iverpan was created more than 30 years ago with the idea of making homes pleasant places to live, which will at the same time have a positive health and ecological impact on people and the environment, the furnishing company prioritizes sustainable materials in its offer.

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Among them is cork, a natural insulator that protects against noise and vibrations, it’s resistant to moisture, and can be used as a wall covering with an attractive design or for making furniture.

iverpan zagreb,obloge za zidove u interijeru,namještaj od pluta,organoid iverpan,

In Iverpan’s showcase of ideas, you can also see unique ceramic tiles from the well-known Portuguese manufacturer Viúva Lamego from Sintra. In their factory, the tiles are hand-painted according to the design of local artists Klasja Habjan and Zita Nakić. The Croatian furnishing brand will, in the same way, offer this material to everyone who wants to have original ceramics in their homes, offices, hotels, wellness areas, etc.

Miguel Almeida Mendes,Klasja Habjan,Zita Nakić,Mladen Jambrović,Iverpan

In the photo – Miguel Almeida Mendes, Klasja Habjan, Zita Nakić, Mladen Jambrović


In the new Zagreb showroom, there are also decorative green walls, quartz and porcelain panels, and colored MDF, another ecological product that is created by pressing wood fibers and non-toxic color pigments visible in the entire section of the panel.

iverpan draškovićeva,dizajn kućnog ureda,obloge za zidove u interijeru,



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