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5 Trendy Decorating Ideas in Sage Green Color

Sage green is a beautiful color that brings relaxation and freshness to your home. Discover these five trendy ideas for decorating with this lovely color.
  • Sage Green Interior Design Trend
  • Living Room Decor in Sage Green Color
  • Table Decor for a Festive Dining Room
  • Romantic and Calming Bedroom Ideas
  • Refreshing Sage Green Bathroom Inspiration
Sage Green Interior Design Trend

sage green color combinations,trendy colors interior design,relaxing colors for living room,sage green interior color,archi-living.comSage green is designed to be calming. Whether it’s a comfy chair in the corner of your lounge, a more relaxed bedroom, or a welcoming living room, this interior design trend can be an effective way of calming you after a stressful day.

As well as green, color palettes in this trendy style include clay (adding white and dark orange), charcoal (white and black), and gold (white and gold). One way to further add to this is to incorporate plants and botanical designs. The most obvious room that this particular style would suit would be the conservatory but equally, you can incorporate this color palette into bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens in order to provide the desired calming effect. (Feathr)


Living Room Decor in Sage Green Color

sage green and gold wallpaper,relaxing colors for living room,sage green interior color,,sage green color combinations

This luxury sage green and gold heron wallpaper paints the energy and beauty of a flock (known as a ‘swoop’) of herons as they take flight. Each heron is picked out in a detailed and intricate gold metallic paisley pattern, whilst a lightly distressed background enhances the design. This stunning metallic wallpaper will particularly suit design projects that are looking to introduce a chinoiserie wallpaper feel. (Feathr)


sage green table lamp shade,sage green table decor ideas,green and white lamp shade,sage green interior color,

This linen lampshade features a hand-printed floral design, from the Garden Collection by Helen Round. A stylish way to add a touch of sage green color to your living space. The shade is hand-rolled and finished by the brand’s small team of dedicated makers in their Cornish studio. The lampshade fabric is made of pure linen. This shade is perfect for a ceiling/pendant or lamp fitting. (Helen Round) 


Table Decor for a Festive Dining Room

Decorate your festive table with this set of two beautiful Sage Green linen placemats (in the cover photo) featuring a hand-printed design from Helen Round’s Christmas Collection inspired by twists of classical winter foliage.

sage green linen napkins,sage green table decor ideas,festive table settings ideas,sage green color combinations,

These lovely Christmas placemats are great for your festive table settings – hand-printed with the Christmas design. Pair with the matching linen napkins for a beautiful table setting. An eco-friendly alternative to single-use paper napkins, since the linen napkins can be machine washed at 30 degrees and enjoyed year after year. These stylish pure linen Christmas napkins have a simply stitched hem and make a lovely table setting when matched with the linen placemats. (Helen Round)


Romantic and Calming Bedroom Ideas

sage green bedspread,luxury velvet bedspread,relaxing colors for bedroom and bathroom,sage green interior color,

A luxurious bedspread in a deeply quilted sage green velvet with cotton tufts that gather the velvet into domed-like formations. This velvet bedspread is so thick it only requires a single layer, and can be used across your entire bed. During the day it can be folded at the end of your bed or draped in full over your duvet. It would also look great on the back of a sofa.

Sage green is so on trend. As the name of this velvet bedspread suggests – Silent Sage, the color of this bedspread will bring in soft greens from outside, restoring calm and bringing balance at a time when we probably need it most. (French Bedroom)


you me oui,romantic wall art for bedroom,sage green wall decor,relaxing colors for bedroom and bathroom,

It is often said that French is the language of love, and a lovely way to demonstrate this is with this You Me Oui wall art print in sage green color.

Simply translating as you, me, yes, this modern twist on a popular French-inspired saying will bring a playful yet modern energy to your abode. Make a statement by placing the You Me Oui artwork above your bed, in your living room, or seductively on your landing, situated in the flow towards your bedroom. (Aureous)


Refreshing Sage Green Bathroom Inspiration

Sage green is one of the most fashionable shades in interior design right now. It manages to be both eye-catching and understated and brings the tranquillity associated with the natural world into your bathroom. Feature this beautiful color on ceramic tiles, bathroom furniture, and accessories. Here are a few stylish ideas.

sage green bathroom tiles,green and white bathroom ideas,sage green color combinations,trendy colors interior design,

Porcelain Superstore


sage green bathroom furniture,relaxing colors for bedroom and bathroom,,trendy colors interior design,stylish bathroom ideas,



sage green and gold bathroom decor,relaxing colors for bedroom and bathroom,,trendy colors interior design,stylish bathroom ideas,

The Curious Department


sage green toiletry bag,sage green color combinations,relaxing colors for bedroom and bathroom,bathroom accessories ideas,archi-living.comHelen Round


Enjoy the refreshing beauty of the sage green color. 🙂



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