Enjoy Delicious Coffee Time with These 5 Lovely Products

Happy International Coffee Day! 🙂 Have a look at these five creative products for learning more about coffee worldwide, making, and enjoying delicious coffee.


Bialetti Venus Induction 4-Cup Espresso Machine

The Venus coffee pot from Bialetti (in the cover photo) is one of the truly modern espresso coffee machines with elegant, clean, minimalist lines. It is suitable for coffee preparation on any heat source, including induction stoves. This stylish coffee maker is made entirely of polished, high-quality 18/10 stainless steel. The heat-resistant handle and the knob on the lid are ergonomically shaped. (The Design Gift Shop)


Stay Gold – Coffee Mug

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As bright as the days are long, stay golden in your excellence. The coffee mug for lovers of life says it all. “Stay Gold” and feel uplifted while you drink your morning coffee or tea. This is a mug for those who look for positive things every day. Give it as a gift to make someone smile or even just to yourself, so you don’t forget to Stay Gold. (Jay Roeder Design, Yellow Octopus)


Coffees Explored, Explained & Enjoyed Book

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Champion barista and coffee roaster James Hoffmann knows about coffee. He knows how to grind it, brew it and serve it; which equipment to use for what; where different coffee comes from, and how the origin affects the taste.

Now he’s sharing his passion for and knowledge of coffee with the world in The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing – Coffees Explored, Explained, and Enjoyed.

This is the first book to map out the coffee production of over 35 countries! Learn about the development of the espresso machine, and how to grind, brew and pour coffee. This book will delight coffee lovers. (Yellow Octopus)


Gold Speckled Pink Mug with Gold Lid and Spoon

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This gold-flecked pink mug with a lid and spoon makes a brilliant gift set. It will look great on your work desk, a stylish accessory for both early risers and late-night workers.

This lovely gold speckled pink mug comes with a matching gold spoon for stirring and a gold lid to keep your drink nice and warm. The coffee mug is made from porcelain with pink gloss and a gold speckled design finished with a matching gold handle. (Martha Brook)


Personalized Couples Ceramic Face Coasters

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Create yourself and your favorite person and let everyone know whose drink is whose. With these fun and stylish couple’s face coasters. Personalize this coaster with your chosen hair color and accessories. Makes a great gift for any couple. Each coaster is made from a 7mm thick ceramic with a gloss finish making it easy to wipe clean. The bottom of the coaster is cork. (Oakdene Designs)

Enjoy your coffee. 🙂 



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How do you take your coffee, tea, and cocoa? With a colorful style, please.

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