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Decorate Your Home with Oriental Lanterns – Interior Designer’s Tips

Oriental lanterns fascinate with a mysterious light that tells the story of a thousand and one nights. With their charisma, these artistic luminaires create a decorative ambiance that inspires the imagination and invites you to dream. Discover a few of the interior designer’s ideas for lighting and ornating your home with Oriental-style lanterns. 


Ornate metal lanterns are a well-known lighting design element from Morocco and other Oriental countries. Already a beautiful eye-catcher during the day, they unfold their full beauty when it gets dark in the evening.

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Moroccan-Themed Lanterns


The lanterns can be equipped with tealights or candles and thus provide ornamental lighting for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Their numerous shapes, colors, and sizes add a dynamic flair to home decor.

The interplay of filigree ornaments and colored glass creates a unique play of light and shadow that immerses the surroundings in a magical light.

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Here are a few of the interior designer’s tips for decorating your home with the beauty of Oriental lanterns:
  • Create a summer ornamental light scene in the garden or on the terrace or balcony. For instance, place a small lantern on your outdoor dining or coffee table to design a cozy and romantic setting.
  • A large Moroccan outdoor lantern on the terrace or balcony floor will illustrate a scenic lighting effect, thanks to the play of light going through filigree ornaments and colored glass. Also, light the stairs with these charming lamps.
  • Oriental-style luminaries are a lovely addition to creating cozy ambient illumination of the interior space. The dining table, coffee table, nightstand or bedside table, side table in the living room, and console table in the lobby are some of the furnishing elements that welcome a decorative look of these eclectic-style luminaires.
  • In addition to the traditional standing lamps, various pendant lamps in an Oriental style are also a great addition to an artistic lighting scene in your home.

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Lanterns with Mandala Patterns 


About the Brand

Inspired by exotic, distant cultures, the online store Guru-Shop from Berlin, Germany, has been importing beautiful furniture, lamps, and textiles from all over the world for over 20 years. Their purchasing countries include Nepal, Thailand, India, and Indonesia.

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play of light and shadow in design,,decorative oriental lamps design,light decoration ideas for living room,moroccan decor ideas,



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