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Asian-Inspired Hand-Painted Ceramics – the Beauty of Blue and White

There is a Chinese proverb: “To paint, three elements are required, the hand, the eye, and the heart. Two won’t do”. Nara Cambridge has kept close to this belief for its new range of hand-painted, blue and white ceramics.

Blue and White Ceramics, Inspired by the Classic Asian Design

Using time-honored techniques, the artistic ceramics collection draws inspiration from classic Asian design with its art depiction of swirling dragons, stylized lions, and whimsical garden motifs.

blue and white ceramic decor,blue and white asian pottery,archi-living.comIt includes oversized temple jars and barrel seats to smaller ginger jars and bookends all with surfaces that are hand-brushed with classic cobalt decoration. The handcrafted nature of the ceramics collection means each piece is unique.

stool barrel ceramic,blue and white ceramic decor,blue and white asian pottery,,chinese style furniture“If you look at our collection, the marks of the artists’ energetic brush strokes are clearly visible,” explains Alexandra Bishop, Owner of Nara Cambridge.

She adds: “The enduring appeal and decorative versatility of blue and white ceramics is undeniable. It fits with the Nara Cambridge philosophy of helping homeowners dress their houses with less but better – prioritizing simplicity and craftsmanship. Homewares with an appreciation for heritage but, which still feel refreshingly contemporary”.

ceramic bookends lions,blue and white classic chinese decor,two lions bookends,,imperial bookends,

Artisans from China’s Jiangxi Region

Nara Cambridge worked with a talented team of artisans from China’s Jiangxi region to bring this beautiful collection to life. Jiangxi is steeped in ceramic heritage and is considered the cradle of Chinese pottery and porcelain – it has been producing blue and white wares for more than a thousand years.

chinese style pottery,painted dragon jar,white and blue jar oriental style,asian pottery blue and white,archi-living.comThe skilled craftsmen and craftswomen draw on years of experience, often handed between generations to throw, fire, and carefully hand-paint each piece.

Alexandra continued: “The integrity of our producers is extremely important to us so, we spent many months looking for the right partner for this collection – making sure they shared our passion for quality craftsmanship”.

painted dragon jars,chinese style pottery,white and blue jar oriental style,asian pottery blue and white,

A mismatched pair of stoneware-lidded temple jars the Kanto and Chubu demonstrate how the company has worked with talented artisans to cherish the past and reinterpret styles, shapes, and patterns for contemporary living.

The Kanto features an attractive Koi motif picked out in confident cobalt blue brush strokes. The word fish in Mandarin means abundance so this bold design is considered to symbolize good fortune, prosperity, and success.

chubu lidded jar,chinese style jars,white and blue classic ceramics,oriental decor ideas,

The Chubu features a whimsical land and seascape filled with sailing junks and charming houses half-hidden in lush vegetation.



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