DOT Outdoor Luminaire Creates the Scenic Lighting Effect

DOT: the immediacy and simplicity of the punctuation symbol become a design concept for Platek’s new outdoor solution. A LED lighting project designed by Jan Van Lierde. The light fixture creates a scenic lighting effect, for instance, accentuating blooming flowers, foliage, or a natural detail in the garden.


Lighting up an outdoor space means placing architecture and function in relation to the sentiments of those who live in it, tracing out the boundaries of an emotion.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, at the Professional Space in Corso Monforte 7, Platek presented DOT, the first step in a lighting design project animated by the driving force typical of unconventional ideas, which, when shared among brands and designers, announce their potential for innovation.

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Jan Van Lierde, architect and lighting designer, imagined a light fixture that could express his vision of light, considered in all its forms as a material with which to construct architecture. Federico Cittadini, the company’s CEO, was captured by the power of the creative idea. Hence the project was born.

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Lighting Plants and Decorative Details in the Garden

The temporal maturation of the new outdoor lighting concept was generated by a prototype in the form of a small 3D printed “pill”. Hence the development of the lighting fixture: it is precisely the small size of the housing which defines the vitality of a product to be inserted amongst the greenery of a garden or terrace. An imperceptible presence, which, thanks to its discrete form and finish, remains so, almost camouflaged, even once lit when darkness falls. The source of the light beam disappears in the recessed optics, yet thanks to the aluminum housing and LED technology, also strongly illuminates.

A pragmatic approach to managing this luminaire led to the design of picket support for insertion directly in the ground, and an invisible plug-and-play wiring system without the need for any technical intervention: the mobility of the fixture, therefore, allows the scenic lighting effect to be changed at will, be it to accentuate blooming flowers, foliage, or a natural detail.

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Elegance in simplicity, timeless lines, and materials; an unequivocal message that places the relationship with nature and the possibility to enjoy its beauty at the center of a high-quality outdoor design project.

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