Labyrinth Garden in the Heart of Milan

At FuoriSalone 2022 in Milan, Italy, Nardi will be presenting an evocative immersive installation in the form of an open-air labyrinth in the heart of this beautiful Italian city. Read on.

Labyrinth Garden is curated by Raffaello Galiotto – the designer behind Nardi products. This fascinating and engaging multicursal path extends 625 square meters in the 18th-century courtyard of the University of Milan. Labyrinth Garden features a Sipario outdoor modular partition wall system in 100% recyclable regenerated

The visitors can enter the labyrinth, an entirely walkable route, walk along its winding pathways, and find the way out by reaching the center of the area where a tower is located. They can climb the tower (more than 5 meters high) to see the pattern of the entire route and catch a glimpse of the exit.

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Halfway between playfulness and reflection on the contemporary world, for the designer, this labyrinth symbolizes losing one’s way in the uncertain historical period we live in, marked by an unstable balance of issues concerning the environment, peace, and health. It, therefore, becomes a metaphor for disorientation, doubt, but also hope: by climbing the tower in the middle of Labyrinth Garden, visitors will be able to rise above the labyrinth, look into the distance and get a glimpse of their own personal ‘way out’.

Outdoor Modular Partition, Stools, and Tables Made of Recycled Plastic

Labyrinth Garden was created from 419 elements of the Sipario outdoor modular partition, made of recycled plastic. This outdoor modular partition features a high degree of compositional flexibility, maximized by a sophisticated hinge system allowing all curved and variable-angle configurations. Sipario is fitted with a self-watering planter.

Moreover, in other ‘meditative’ areas, the key design features include the brand new collection of Stack and Combo stools and tables. Also made of recycled plastic, like Sipario, they are the outcome of the Regeneration industrial project by this Italian brand for the production of outdoor furniture in post-consumer plastic, in line with the company’s constant commitment to environmental sustainability. For Sipario, in particular, a recently commissioned LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study demonstrated a carbon footprint 37.2% lower than the same product theoretically made from virgin polypropylene.

Labyrinth Garden is an installation with no waste. For example, the 850 bamboo plants and 6 feather reed grass plants used will be donated to the Municipality of Chiampo at the end of the design event.

Nardi Press / Busa & Associati
Labyrinth Garden Concept: Raffaello Galiotto
Technical Partner for the Greenery: PAGHERA

Interni Design Regeneration
Università degli Studi di Milano, Via Festa del Perdono 7 | 6-13/06 – 10:00 – 24:00



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