Introducing Samsung Smart Home Devices and Applications

Samsung Electronics held a presentation of the smart home device ecosystem to journalists – as part of the Samsung Pop-up Corner in the Arena Center in Zagreb, Croatia. Read on.


The newest Samsung TVs and home appliances were presented at the event, among which the Neo QLED 8K TV, which will soon be available for purchase in Croatia, stood out. Along with the new line of Neo QLED 2022 TVs, other innovative devices from Samsung were presented – The Frame TV, The Freestyle smart portable projector, Bespoke Jet wireless vacuum cleaner, Bespoke refrigerator, washing machines and dryers, and innovative Air Dresser air freshener.

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Smart Home and SmartThings Applications

Examples of connecting Samsung home devices via a smartphone using Smart Home and SmartThings applications are also shown. In particular, the new Samsung OLED TV, which has just arrived on the market, was premiered.

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Smart Home and SmartThings apps allow you to seamlessly connect and sync multiple Samsung home devices to create a true smart home system. With innovative applications and the ability to connect a number of devices into a single whole, Samsung continues to develop the concept of a technologically aligned smart home of the future.

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With the opportunity to learn all about the latest Samsung devices and experience smart home connectivity, guests had the opportunity to participate in fun activations such as a polygon that included Samsung devices. The SmartThings app assigned small tasks – from using the app to connect to The Freestyle projector and switch to Ambient Mode, all the way to designing a kitchen with an attractive Bespoke design.

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