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3 Oriental-Style-Themed Room Screens Inspired by Cherry Blossoms, Butterflies, Carps

Discover three artistic room screens ornated with the images, shapes, and colors of cherry blossoms, butterflies, and carps. Bring the beauty of Oriental-themed decor into your interior.


Sakura Golden Screen – Inspired by Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Inspired by Japanese designs – this luxurious, golden dressing screen in the cover photo is wonderful for adding a cultural element to your interior decor. Sakura Screen from Sweetpea & Willow features a beautiful floral depiction of traditional Japanese cherry blossoms. The lovely cherry blossom or Sakura is the national flower of Japan and symbolizes spring, renewal, and optimism.


Shanxi Butterfly Screen – Welcoming the Butterfly, Chinese Symbol of Joy and Marital Happiness

chinese themed room screen divider,butterfly inspired room screen,nature inspired room screen divider,

This lovely room screen is decorated on both sides, with a thin border around each panel in gold leaf. Made from solid wood, the Shanxi Butterfly Screen from Shimu is finished in black or red lacquer and decorated by hand with gold leaf and paintings of dancing butterflies. For the Chinese, the butterfly is a symbol of joy and marital happiness. The butterflies are often seen in the paintings that ornate antique cabinets and chests, dating back hundreds of years – particularly on the painted furniture of Shanxi province.


KOI Gold Screen – Named After the Beautiful KOI (Carp in Japanese)

koi carp themed room screen,japanese style room screen divider,luxury room divider screen,nature inspired room screen divider,fish inspired room screen,

Nature-inspired KOI gold room screen for contemporary interior décor is named after the KOI (carp in Japanese) – the national fish of Japan. This beautiful, colorful fish is the symbol of luck, prosperity, and perseverance in the face of adversity. KOI also means love and affection, so the carp is also a symbol of love and friendship.

The natural color changes reveal the carp’s capacity to adapt, just like the KOI Folding Screen, which fits in every modern home decor. The ‘fish scales’ of the KOI room screen from Brabbu Design Forces, on the sides of the folding screen, shine and reflect the Sun on its brass surface.



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