Innovative Space-Saving Ideas for Modern Mums

Here are some space-saving tips – storage units, car roof storage compartments, garden sheds.


Modern mums are usually on the go, busy and great at multi-tasking, and with so much demand on them from the youngsters, they need to utilize their time and space correctly. This can be a hard act to juggle, and it can be something that indeed could end up being quite stressful.

Depending on the level of support there is on hand, the mother could be single, working, and have several children and in these scenarios, this could limit the space available for them to store and do everything that they want to. Here are some tips that could be useful for these modern mothers to space save.

Storage Units

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You may find that there are two children, one aged 5 and the other a baby. In these cases, the mother may wish to keep things like prams, toys, and clothes that the 5-year-old had so that the newborn baby can grow into them. This would save a lot of money as items such as prams are not cheap at all. One of the considerations to try and help with this would be to free up space with a storage unit where, as many items as you want can be put away for a period of time that you define. In these storage units, all items will be stored safely and insured from any damage.

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In addition to this, if you decide that you want to take only some items from storage rather than all, this is also an option, and you can work with the company to do this. If you either don’t have a garage or the garage is full then this becomes a very credible option to give you that extra freedom and space.

Car Roof Storage

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If your children have items such as bikes or scooters, trying to get them from A to B can prove quite challenging as these can be large but also awkward items to store and transport. Some motor vehicles may be big enough for you to pull down the seats or store in the boot but with the majority, this may be a little difficult.

One solution to this is to get a roof storage compartment. These are fantastic not only to transport bikes or scooters, but you can get ones with lids where you could place all sorts of items. These are available in many retailers and are not expensive at all to purchase and can give you a solution for storing items on the move.

Garden Space

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If you do not have a garage or the garage is full, you could purchase and build an outdoor shed in the garden. These are fantastic to place items if you have run out of space. Generally, these huts are made of wood as well as other materials. One of the main things to look out for with these though is the security aspect. There are many things you can do to help protect these though which include security lights, robust locks, and even a security alarm.

They can come in all shapes and sizes to allow you to put as many or as few items as you wish within them. People automatically would assume that the items you place in these are for the garden only, but many will use them just to gain a little extra space and place normal household items within.

Looking for a little more space in and around your home? One of these might be just what you need! From a shed to a storage unit, having that little extra space can make everything much easier to manage.


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