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Artisan Wallpaper – Springtime Colors on the Wall

Springtime-themed peel and stick wallpapers inspire you to freshen the walls of your home for this colorful time of the year. Peel and stick wallpapers are a practical and stylish way to change the decor of your home quickly: with no paste and no mess, you can quickly create a new look for any room of your interior. Discover five colorful ideas from Feathr, The Home of Artisan Wallpaper.


Woodland Wall Mural

Springtime is a great time to explore the woods, as leaves start to bud and bluebells push through the undergrowth. This is all pictured in creative hand-painted detail in the Woodland wall mural (in the cover photo). With its central path drawing you into the mural, Woodland presents the loveliness of nature. This peel-and-stick wallpaper features stunning trees and foliage, making it an artistic way to bring the outdoors indoors.

Whether you’re looking for a feature wall in your living room or home office, a stylish dining room wall mural, a calm bedroom wall decor, an uplifting nursery wallpaper, or even a wallpaper for a hotel lobby – this designer wall art will make a statement with its welcoming and relaxing style. Nature lovers will enjoy this idyllic scene, and it’s sure to create a calming atmosphere in any interior space.


White Beautiful Butterfly Wallpaper

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The majestic Monarch butterfly starts the North American migration as springtime begins. Clustering together on bayberries and eucalyptus trees, this gathering of butterflies creates magnificent patterns and textures. The Butterfly Grove wallpaper celebrates this yearly event: vintage-style illustrations of butterflies cluster at the top of the wallpaper, creating a natural wonder of pattern, color, and texture. Featuring a flock (known as a grove) of butterflies gathering, this colorful wallpaper has stunning detailed illustrations. A beautiful addition to any room in the interior space, this butterfly wall decor will add elegance and style to your décor.


Floral Postcards Wallpaper

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Vintage postcards create an elegant background to the wallpaper, many featuring endearing watercolor floral illustrations. Floral Postcards recall the first moments of spring as shoots push through the earth. With a variety of different floral prints in soft neutral colors, this wallpaper adds a vintage charm to any interior space – bedroom, living room, home office. Each floral illustration was originally hand-painted, creating a charming and beautiful wallpaper with a touch of shabby elegance style.


Hedgerow Mint Wallpaper

spring themed wall décor,floral wall decor for bedroom,nature inspired wallpaper for walls,colorful butterfly wallpaper design,,

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

Playful and endearing, this green butterfly floral wallpaper is a colorful way to brighten up an interior space. It has gorgeous artistry with flowers and butterflies mixing in a nature scene at the bottom of the wallpaper. The Hedgerow self-adhesive wallpaper celebrates the springtime moment: capturing the abundant life of birds, butterflies, and insects amongst a verdant hedgerow.


Lulworth Cove Wall Mural

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This beautiful sea-themed wallpaper features a calming ocean scene with gentle waves, creating an idyllic maritime oasis in your home. A stylish way to add a touch of coastal wallpaper charm to the bedroom or living room. Like relaxing on a beach and watching the waves. The Lulworth Cove wall mural lets you experience that calm moment whatever the time of year. Originally hand-painted, the Lulworth Cove features a stunning abstraction of waves. This blue calm ocean wallpaper is easy to install and adds a touch of luxury to any wall. Relax and rejuvenate by the sea.


About the Brand

Nordic interiors start-up Feathr is The Home of the Artisan Wallpaper. The brand provides a marketplace for artists to monetize their artworks as wallpapers, wall murals, and fabrics, with a growing collection of 1,300 artworks ready to use. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.



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