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Heritage Cabinet – Design Inspired by Portugal’s Art

Heritage Cabinet is a tribute to the hand-painted tiles of Portuguese history. Inspired by Portugal’s rich heritage, each tile has a tale to tell, what lies behind the doors – only time can tell.

Heritage is an elegant décor piece to compliment the decoration of any interior setting. A highly coveted ensemble of hand-painted tiles like that of an expertly curate art collection, brings together master artisans and craftsmen for Boca do Lobo s Heritage.

In its interior, there is one door and four drawers, fully lined with golden leaf. It also contains two shelves made of bronze glass. The base is made from manually hammered brass.

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Boca do Lobo emotional pieces are handmade in Portugal by talented artisans who use their wisdom from years of experience to combine traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technological methods to shape the finest materials into furniture which gives rise to timeless luxury cosmopolitan environments.

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