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5 Love-Welcoming Home Décor Ideas

Welcome romance to your home décor with these five sweet decorating and lighting ideas – neon box light, musical greeting cards, wine light table lamps, lovely ladybugs in two designs.


Love Wins – Neon Box Light

This colorful box light from Red Candy (in the cover photo) will add a touch of the rainbow to your interior. With a mirror at the back reflecting the love, this double rainbow brings a joyful color palette of romance to your living room or bedroom décor. It warms the heart and every room in the house with its multi-colored, multi-emotive sentiment. Unite and share the passion for affection.


Valentine’s Day Musical Greeting Cards

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These romantic music cards from Say it with Songs play the classic songs – Mardy Bum by the Arctic Monkeys, Crazy in Love by Beyonce & Jay-Z, All You Need Is Love by The Beatles, and Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Lovely greeting cards for Valentine’s Day, to show that you care, or to take you back to the dancefloor with your loved one – combining the power of a song with the sentiment of a greeting card to help connect or reconnect with the people in your lives.

According to the brand, Say it With Songs donates 10% from all Say it with Songs sales to music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins.



Wine Light Table Lamps for a Romantic Lighting Scene

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The lighting scene is an essential part of creating a romantic atmosphere. Add a couple of lamps to your living room or bedroom – to light your love nest.

Table lamp from Tedo Design, with circular-shaped base, made of glass, lamp holder in wood and natural wax finish and electric cable covered in colored fabric.


Small Romantic Decors – Baby Spikey, Red Ladybug

ladybug decoration ideas,ladybug decorations for home,

Make your home space joyful by adding a couple of small decorations from Origami Steel – in various naturalistic shapes, in many colors. Insert this cute red ladybug in a vase to add some red to the greenery of a plant. Both red and green are the colors of love. Also, you can even fold its tip to make it a support base and place this sweet ladybug as a place marker for the romantic dinner.



Ceramic Ladybug – Sweet and Unique, Just Like Love

ladybug decorations for home,ladybug decoration ideas,

Contemporary style decorative ceramic ladybug with brass detailing from the Fauna series of Mambo Unlimited Ideas and Micucci Interiors. Every piece is hand-crafted and hand-painted, thus highlighting the unique beauty of every ladybug. Place this sweet love symbol as a focal point of your romantic decor.



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