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5 Festive Tea Light and Candle Holders for Holiday Decor

Tea lights and candlelight create a festive holiday atmosphere, and their holders add joyful colors and creative shapes to this Christmas lighting story. Have a look.


Gold Star Glass Tea Light Holder – Gold Christmas

Dress your dining table and coffee table in style for Christmas with the gold star tea light holder from Ginger Ray. This star-shaped tea light holder, in the cover photo, is made of glass and adds a special touch to the interior space.

Arrange on the table as a centerpiece along with a few other candle holders. You can gather a few same candle holder designs or mix different shapes and sizes. Both of these stylish settings are sure to add sparkle to your dining or living room this Christmas.


Christmas Trio: Snowman, Reindeer, Tree


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This cute tea light holder trio from Origami Steel is inspired by the three classic Christmas themes: the Christmas tree, the Snowman, the Reindeer – in the colors of Italy. Small and decorative tea light holders are dedicated to winter and nature; in festive Christmas colors, preciously ornated by sparkling glitter. Create a joyful atmosphere in your home interior with Christmas lighting and decors. Place these tea light holders in a vase, on a coffee table, by the window, as a place marker on the dining table, or decorations for your holiday home.


Christmas Delight in White and Golden Color Duet


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Bring the white and golden color combo of Christmas to any room of your holiday home with these tea light holders from Easy Life. Elegant and sweet design that inserts a pinch of playfulness into home decor. Different sizes and shapes characterize this winter-idyl collection that will enhance any environment with its timeless charm.



Handmade and Hand-Painted Porcelain Christmas Tea Light Holders


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These entirely handmade and hand-painted textured porcelain tea light holders are created by Katie Almond for Made By Hand Online. There are three colorful and artistic designs – snowman with stars, snowman with snowflakes and robins and trees. They look festive as a group or on their own.


Monogrammed Scented Candle with Reusable White Glass Candle Holder


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Monogrammed scented candle from Initially London Ltd. comes in a reusable white glass candle holder that can be personalized with your monogram design. The brand applies laser etching to add personalization to the candle holder.

Once the candle is burned, the candle holder can be reused as a small vase, a pen holder, or plant pot, etc. These scented candles are handmade in the UK from plant-based wax, so they are vegan-friendly, sustainably made, and long-burning. Candles come in a few scents: calming lavender or refreshing orange, ginger, and turmeric.




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