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Interior Designer’s Ideas – Gift-Giving Inspired Holiday Décor

Discover the interior designer’s ideas on uniting gift-giving and home décor – Christmas tree inspiration, Christmas stockings, and sacks, gift boxes as a staircase décor, as well as the hallway and lobby ornament.


Gift-giving is an integral part of holiday festivities. Firstly, we start by giving our loved ones the most precious gifts of all – our love and care. Secondly, we show them our creativity by making or choosing these special holiday gifts for them, as well as wrapping presents and joining these gifts with the holiday decorating scene. Here are a few of the interior designer’s ideas on uniting gift-giving and home décor.


Christmas Tree Inspiration

Presents under a Christmas tree – a joyful thought that awakens curious imagination in us all. First of all, getting a gift is a present by itself, because every gift presents a caring thought by the family member, a friend, a coworker. Secondly, even just looking at those colorful wrappings and shiny ribbons is a stylish experience. So, let’s find a place in the home for those stylishly decorated gifts. Whether a Christmas tree is big or small, it’s a great place for presents.


apartment living room Christmas décor,green and beige holiday decorations,Christmas tree decoration creative ideas,holiday gifts as decorations,living room holiday decorating ideas,

Photo – Lights4fun / Oliver Perrott


In this neutral-colored living room, the greenery of a tree and gift wrappings brings the freshness of a forest ambiance. The cute furry friend is patiently waiting to open his present.


small Christmas tree with snow,winter decor for living room modern,decorative cushion in neutral covers,apartment living room Christmas décor,creative Christmas tree decorating ideas,

Photo – Ella James


White and gray decorative cushions and a white blanket create a winter-inspired home décor, highlighted by the snow-covered tree. To continue the winter theme, wrap the gifts in shiny silver or white paper. To warm up this snowy décor, add red and golden wrapping paper.


Christmas wall decorations indoor,holiday tree from branch and rope,holiday wall decor ideas,Christmas tree shaped wall decoration,apartment living room Christmas décor,

Photo – Ginger Ray


For small interior spaces, a decorative and practical solution is the wall décor in the form of a tree, decorated with LED fairy lights and a star on the top. Place a console table or a chest of drawers underneath it to make a setting for gifts, or simply put gift boxes on the floor and arrange them in a way to create a tree-looking shape.


candy cane balloons for Christmas tree,red sleigh Christmas decoration,Christmas tree made of balloons,red blue and gold balloons,decorating Christmas stocking ideas,

Photo – Ginger Ray


This playful tree design is created from candy cane balloons, round balloons in many colors and sizes, and a star balloon on the top. Arrange gift boxes around the tree, in a red sleigh next to it, and in a red and white stocking that decorates the fireplace.


Christmas Stockings and Sacks


Christmas stockings with stars and snowflakes,how to make Christmas stockings,holiday gifts as decorations,winter decor for living room modern,holiday stockings made of paper bags,

Photo – Gaby Zimmermann for Ferrero


Making holiday decorations yourself is a fun and creative activity, so here is a D-I-Y idea. I am sure that you’ll enjoy making these decorative snow-inspired boots out of white paper shopping bags and red adhesive tape. After you create a boot shape out of both sides of the white paper bag and connect them with red adhesive tape, add a couple of stars and snowflakes to this snowy decorative story, and these sweet boots are ready to receive gifts.


holiday decor for childrens bedroom,matching Christmas stockings sacks bedding,dog inspired bedding,decorating Christmas stocking ideas,where to put Christmas stockings,

Photo – Sophie Allport


Holiday decor for your bedroom or your kids’ room in tones of relaxing gray-blue color. Matching Christmas stockings, sacks, and bedding for dog lovers, featuring an illustrated story of cute dogs in winter holiday activities. Next to the bed is also a great place for holiday stockings – that way you can check the presents as soon as you wake up on a big day.


holiday decor by the fireplace,living room holiday decorating ideas,Christmas gift sack ideas,holiday gift bag ideas,gift sack as holiday decor ideas,

Photo – Sophie Allport


Christmas stockings and sacks are most often placed as fireplace decor, like this lovely sack featuring illustrated traditional Christmas motifs – a Christmas tree, a wreath for the front door, lanterns, stars, snowflakes. Fill it with presents and enjoy gift-giving festivities. 


Gift Boxes as a Staircase Décor

On the steps, place gift boxes of various sizes wrapped in colorful paper. Add LED candles, baubles, and a garland on the staircase railing, as well as decorative lighting on the wall in the form of stars. The festive staircase décor is created.


gift boxes and led candles decoration,light stars for wall,Christmas stair decorations with lights,staircase and hallway holiday decorating ideas,holiday gifts as decorations,

Photo – Lights4fun / Oliver Perrott


Christmas stair decorations with lights,decorate staircase for Christmas,where to put holiday gifts as a decoration,gift giving decoration,gift boxes and led candles decoration,

Photo – Lights4fun / Oliver Perrott


Hallway and Lobby Holiday Decorating – Gift Boxes


console with mirror design,holiday entryway decorating ideas,staircase and hallway holiday decorating ideas,holiday gifts as decorations,gift boxes and led candles decoration,

Photo – Lights4fun / Oliver Perrott


Elegant console with mirror in the lobby or hallway gets a holiday make-over. Garland with fairy lights, LED candles, stars, baubles, gift boxes wrapped in colorful paper and ornated with stylish bows. Holiday decor in the home starts at the entryway and fills all the rooms with festive gifts of lights and colors.


Cover Photo – Ginger Ray




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