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Designer Wallpaper Wildwood Natural – Colorful Woodland Inspiration

Discover the Nature-inspired designer wallpaper collection that features hand-drawn playful woodland creatures, as well as botanicals in an array of deep botanical greens, warm dusky pinks, and refreshing blues.


An award-winning design house, Bobo1325 is welcoming the year 2022. with a new colorful version of one of its most iconic wallpapers – Wildwood Natural.


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Wildwood is a designer wallpaper renowned for its luscious botanicals and playful woodland creatures. Founder and designer Beth Travers has reworked the wallpaper, thus giving it a refreshed look with warm dusky pinks, vibrant greens, and gorgeous blues taking center stage. The design is aptly named Wildwood Natural, and it’s the fifth redesign of the print.



Beth Travers said: “Wildwood is a gorgeous design that brings together beautiful elements of the woodlands. Previous versions are deliciously dark and broody, with deep greys and moody blues dominating the design.”

“And as much as I love the existing colorways, I wanted to go into 2022 with a really fresh, bright take on Wildwood that gives each element of the design a chance to enjoy the spotlight.”

“Adopting the blushest of pinks and using it as a background shade allows the earthiness of the woodland colors to take center stage.”


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Wildwood Natural design is hand-drawn and printed in the United Kingdom on eco-friendly inks on a non-woven substrate. The Nature-inspired wallpaper collection features hand-drawn botanicals in an array of deep botanical greens, warm dusky pinks, and refreshing blues. This home decor illustrates a biophilic wonderland interspersed with woodland creatures for a wild interior decorating vibe.




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