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Designer Lamps – “cacio&pepe” and Balad Bamboo

Discover creative lamp designs – “cacio&pepe” inspired by the concept of popular culture, and Balad Bamboo, a versatile lighting piece with an eco-friendly bamboo handle.


Colorful Lamps “cacio&pepe” from the “be.pop” Designer Lamp Collection

The “be.pop” designer lamp collection by Italian brand In-es.artdesign is inspired by the concept of popular culture, borrowed from pop art, and bebop – a type of jazz characterized by fast beats and innovative harmonic elaborations. The colors of these creative lamps have a strong urban connotation as well as the bright colors of the cables.


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The masterpiece of this designer lighting collection is the product “cacio& pepe”, which transforms a kitchen object, like a grater, giving it a new luminous function. “cacio& pepe” has been designed as a pendant, table lamp, and wall lamp with LED bulb. It comes in these colors – white, grey, yellow, blue, red. These colorful lamps are made of Laprene, a material similar to rubber.


The Balad Bamboo Portable Designer Lamp

The Balad lamp from French brand Fermob brings lighting in the movement to everything from sociable gatherings to romantic moments. This portable LED lamp, designed by French designer Tristan Lohner, is a versatile lighting piece that can be placed on a table or on the floor, carried outdoors into the garden, for a picnic or for an evening on the beach, or placed indoors as a reading light or bedside lamp.


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This version boasts a subtle blend of materials that creates a warm, decorative effect. The bamboo handle gives the lamp a natural, trendy look. This naturally hard-wearing material can withstand moisture and temperature variations with power and elegance. It’s also a responsible choice since bamboo is a fast-growing and eco-friendly material. The Balad Bamboo edition is battery-operated and recyclable. It blends seamlessly into any type of décor.


lamp with bamboo handle,designer lamps for living room,led lights for room ideas,portable outdoor lights battery powered,designer lighting europe,




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