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Wall Coverings and Floors Unite Indoor and Outdoor

Discover wall coverings and floors inspired by Nature that help a creative designer create a visual continuum from indoor to outdoor spaces.


Architecture is becoming increasingly more fluid, with communicating indoor and outdoor spaces to experience and cherish the nature around us, indoors as well as outdoors. Lithos Design’s book of wall coverings and floors can be a creative designer’s best friend to help them create a visual continuum from the living and dining area, kitchen, bathroom to the outdoor spaces.

Indeed, stones and marbles are materials that, by their very nature, immerse the indoor and outdoor design in a natural dimension and know no boundaries of design application. These natural materials can be placed at any temperature and in any environment, while the company’s different product collections can be applied to create patterns and give harmony and cohesion to a creative project.

Below are some examples of design projects where the indoor and outdoor merge and where Lithos Design wall coverings and floors take center stage.




Design Project – Private Residence on Lake Zürich

Project by Stone Group AG
Collection: Pietre Incise
Model: Fondo
Design: Raffaello Galiotto
Company: Lithos Design


Description of the wall covering in the photo: Fondo, a refined three-dimensional stone wall covering that draws inspiration from the patterns created by the endless motion of waves on the sandy seabed, resulting in a sort of aquatic enchantment. The version in the photo is ocra sabbia stone.


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Description of the project: In this project, the continuity between living areas and outer spaces come to fruition in the bathroom and spa area of the villa, where the purifying and soothing power of water is celebrated. Already in the hall, the Fondo wall covering (Pietre Incise Collection, design Raffaello Galiotto) gives rise to the cozy and tranquil atmosphere of the bright room: the wall covering conjures the fluid motion of waves and sandy seabed and also unfolds in the spacious terrace overlooking the lake, in an aesthetic-decorative continuum.


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In the outdoor area, the breathtaking view can be enjoyed from the Jacuzzi or while lying on the large tatami mat in front of the fireplace or simply relaxing on the large wooden terrace after the Jacuzzi.



Design Project – Private Residence in Modena

Collection: Pietre Incise
Model: Quadro
Design: Raffaello Galiotto
Company: Lithos Design


Description of the wall covering in the photo: Engraved decorative modules whose character stems from the amazing chiaroscuro effects, aesthetic compositions based on the geometric multiplication of the square. Grigio tundra marble is placed here.


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Description of the project: In this project, whose common thread is the application of natural materials, the kitchen’s large window communicates with the external terrace area. The element of decorative continuity between indoor and outdoor, particularly bold and prominent, is the wall covered with the Quadro model (Pietre Incise collection, designed by Raffaello Galiotto), chosen in an intense version of grigio tundra marble.



Design Project – Primrose Hill House, London

Project by Studio MILO
Photo by Peter Landers
Collection: Opus Collection
Model: Tangram
Design: Raffaello Galiotto


Description of the wall covering in the photo: Creative shapes play on the contrast between delicate or bolder shades of marble – for floors and walls intended for refined spaces rich in personality. The color palette applied is the Patchwork version (Paon Royal – Carrara Ghiaccio – Breccia di Seravezza – Bardiglio Nuvolato).


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Description of the project: Suspended between indoor and outdoor, in the very heart of the elegant Primrose Hill area in London, there is the bright veranda, part of the renovation of a Victorian villa designed by Studio MILO.
The boundaries between indoors and outdoors are fluid, and the walls are taken over by large, airy windows that let in the landscape and the sky. British elegance marries Milanese style, and the floor is finished with polychrome Tangram Patchwork marble wall covering (Opus Collection, designed by Raffaello Galiotto) whose hues seem to reflect and mirror the colors of the sky





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