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Wink – Designer Indoor Plant Pots

Discover Wink, the collection of designer interior plant pots, designed by Studio 28 and manufactured by Ronda Design.


Gardening Meets Interior Decor

Plants and flowers add a natural touch to the home, making it look fresh, pleasant, and welcoming. The choice of appropriate designer plant pots enhances the scenic effect of the ambiance.

Wink is the collection of designer indoor plant pots, designed by Studio 28 and manufactured by Ronda Design. These interior plant pots are available in square or rounded forms. Eleven different options of painted metal create the option of being combined with any color palette of the interior decor.


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Plant Pots – Made in Italy

The modular nature of Wink plant pots signifies that they can be placed individually or in compositions, thanks also to the easy handling.

Linear and with a graceful styling impact, the stylish Wink is a great fit for all types of living rooms. It can be picked in both the floor-standing version with concealed wheels or raised above a slender frame distinguished by a square metal profile.

The various metal finishes available are in keeping with the brand’s entire extensive catalog of interiors and offer an interesting opportunity to match them with the various items of interior décor and household furnishings by Ronda Design. The production supply chain is entirely Made in Italy.




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