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Folk Style Furniture by Metal Creativ

Metal Creativ, a Romanian furniture brand with a showroom located in Bucharest, manufactures ethnic style seating and dining furniture made of steel – designed by Lucian Haritonov. brings you their design story. 

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Folklore Benches, Chair and Table 


“Metal Creativ is the story of a Romanian entrepreneur that worked for over 10 years with tons of metal construction materials. Till one day, when Lucian Haritonov found the favorite metal to play with – steel. A hard, resistant material, but very versatile at the same time. Challenging. Later, came the “taming” of steel by combining it in a spectacular way with other materials more “soft” as wool and wood. So he invented a new technique – sewing in steel materials. This way came to life the first Metal Creativ design object – Dor bench.” (Dor Bench – Cover Photo)



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Basarabia Bench 


“The expression of delight we bring to those who see our products makes us continue the creation game, every day. So Metal Creativ started from a passion, was gradually transformed into business because people asked us to create more and more. From metal gates to furniture for homes, offices, terraces, bars, or restaurants. Any object that we or our customers can imagine. Since the beginning of 2016, when we launched the brand, until now, we have created five design collections: Traditional, Urban, Industrial, Back in time, and Custom Made. The last one is composed of design pieces created after a specific brief received from our customers.”

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Lucian Haritonov, Metal Creativ Founder


Traditional Furniture Line

“The design pieces from Traditional Line are hand sewn with folk motifs, each carrying the story of its origins. Thus, this Romanian furniture brand embeds visions of different generations in a modern design.”

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Folklore Chair



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