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Modular Staircase Design – a Diva in the Interior

Are you ready to meet a real design Diva?

The Italian staircase manufacturer presents its Diva, a unique staircase that combines luxury and modularity, technology and tradition in interior design. This elegant, modular staircase represents another leap forward in the brand’s constant search for design excellence.

Like a true fashionable diva, this staircase, designed by Michele Giacomelli and manufactured by Fontanot Group, immediately seduces because of its striking sculptural aesthetic, as well as for its ability to instantly communicate a step away from the past, while, at the same time, drawing its intense expressive force from its roots in tradition.

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Diva is the first modular staircase that shifts the regulating mechanism from the lateral stringer, thus inventing a new line and opening up a niche in the marketplace – a fully customizable staircase, but one that still maintains its character. The flexibility of the regulating mechanisms, the combination of colors, and the interchangeability of materials, as diverse as glass, wood, stainless steel, and marble, make Diva a style icon to be loved.

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Finding an interior design product that could be innovative and contemporary-styled but still strongly rooted in tradition, elegant and versatile, luxurious but with a core solidly centered on industrial design – this was the ambitious goal that the Fontanot Group, one of Europe’s leading staircase manufacturers for over 70 years, had set for itself at the beginning of this creative journey. The result exceeded all the Italian brand’s expectations.

A staircase without limits, glamorous or basic, according to your needs. This is Diva. Able to catch your eye at first glance, producing, in a completely inexplicable and unpredictable way, multiple moods and emotions. It’s something that we cannot precisely define and that nevertheless draws us in, stimulating our thinking and stirring our design instincts and imagination.” says brand Vice President, Laura Fontanot.   

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Andrea Pini, Fontanot’s Sales Director, seconds this opinion: “The technological evolution underpinning Diva shifts the market paradigms. Up until yesterday, a beautiful staircase had to be ‘made to measure’ with all of the limitations that entails: waiting times, construction risks, job site management, distribution logistics, etc. Diva is gorgeous, prestigious, and yet it’s an industrial staircase, even available ‘off the shelf’. It can be adjusted on-site and can be transported easily to anywhere in the world. Simple to configure, so that it can better interpret the customer’s expectations. It’s also so smart that it makes things easier at every important step in the process: design, shipping, and installation.”

The design details make all the difference. Having a staircase that, chameleon-like, integrates with the surrounding interior space is revolutionary in terms of both production and style.

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Michele Giacomelli, Diva’s engineer, and designer, explains in further detail:  “Starting from the idea that any form can be satisfied by a module, the challenge was to think about a single unit of that shape which, if replicated, would create a unified body respecting the identity of that same form. Diva differs from other modular staircases because it expresses the complete identity of a made-to-measure staircase while resolving the various contingencies that can come up on a construction site. The modularity parameters of Diva are applied to the stringers which, through a system of steel mesh, make it possible to change the rise and tread depth, offering a wide range of values. The mesh of the stringers can be stretched or compressed while maintaining the form’s aesthetic rigor, balance, and linearity. The result: the performance of a made-to-measure staircase, an industrial product, and a strong design connotation combined in a unique identity.”

Thanks to the mentioned qualities, Diva will be available in every country in which the Fontanot Group operates, from Europe to North America, from the Middle East to Australia, as well as China and Japan. In some of these markets, it will be the Italian company’s main instrument for increasing market penetration.

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