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Feng Shui Inspired Gifts and Holiday Decorations

During the Christmas holidays, there are many things to take into account, how you give, and what gifts are given. It often happens that over the years we have collected large numbers of Christmas decorations. During, before, and after Christmas we buy more adding even more to our holiday collection. Keep the old ones; such as the antiques, and others given by grandparents.

Feng Shui suggests that this is the perfect time to recycle – give away or give them as gifts. Go throughout the closet and recycle clothes and other items. Do the same for your children as well, recycle children’s toys and clothing, and organize wardrobes and shelves. Make sure that the items you donate are of excellent quality and are not damaged.

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You will surely find lots of beautiful things to give away, so share your treasures with family and friends. That will bring more sunshine to your life.

Make time for yourself and your family. Christmas is not about how much money you spend but the quality time you spend with your loved ones and friends. When you are buying holiday gifts, don’t forget to buy something for yourself. A small box of nice Christmas cakes – beautifully and attractively wrapped, a bottle of homemade chocolate liqueur, a couple of movie tickets for a nice movie, or going to an exhibition, a concert, or something else that can enrich your relationship and create even more intimacy with friends and family.

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It is not advisable to give expensive things because people usually feel that they need to reciprocate. If you are gift-giving a wallet, some money should be in it, as this will increase the abundance. When giving flowers as a holiday gift or buying them for your home – choose flowers in a pot.

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How to Choose Christmas Decorations

When decorating your home or office for the holidays, select the decorations that you love and pay attention to keeping the style the same while decorating. Feng Shui advises that you don’t overload or crowd your interior with decorations just because you have them.

Holiday decorations such as angels will bring peace, love, and protection to your home. A bowl of fruit, especially oranges or tangerines, is plentiful and ideally placed on the dining table. Some chocolate coins can be stored in a crystal bowl in the NW of your residence; for example, or hung on trees if it is in the South or NW zones.

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You can create a warm, cozy and relaxed holiday atmosphere with scented candles, lights, bio-essential oils, or freshly baked goods.

My favorite scents for winter days are clove, cinnamon, orange, or tangerine, and I always create a special holiday atmosphere with the indispensable burning of candles, especially if your apartment is decorated in cold colors or faces the north.

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Do not forget about your entrance i.e. the main door, hang some nice winter or Christmas decorations that will rejuvenate you every day you come home and warm your heart before entering your home.

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Receive and give with good sense, let these guidelines serve and help you improve every part of your life, and enrich your holiday environment in accordance with the principles of harmony and good energy flow. By setting and tidying up your environment, you are strategically acting and influencing the result of that energy flow and increasing the conditions for success and well-being.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Author: Lana Anderson, Interior Designer

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