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How to Decorate the Christmas Tree and Empower Yourself

Another Christmas is coming and all the joy and excitement of decorating, shopping for presents, hanging out with loved ones, and cooking and baking fine Christmas cakes.

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The position of the Christmas tree and the color and shapes you decorate it with can greatly affect certain aspects of your life without being aware of it at all. Feng Shui advises you that the size of the tree should be in accordance with the size of the room and that it shouldn’t be too large so as not to dominate the space. Everything in harmony with Chi, that is, the energy circulating the space – creates the best decorating scheme.

Just as a particular wall color or furniture color affects the atmosphere and the feeling of the space, so does the Christmas tree has the power to change your mood. The holiday season is the time when everything should be cheerful, comfortable, and full of closeness and warmth, and decorations can help you in creating the holiday mood.

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Then how do you create that relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that will be beneficial for you and your family?

Where to Place the Christmas Tree

The tree belongs to the element of wood, so it is best if you place it in the east, southeast, or south because these are the zones in which it feels best and is naturally positioned. The east zone is associated with health, growth, and activity; the southeast enhances abundance, and tenderness, giving the south glory, pride, honor, and recognition.

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What if you had to put it in another part of your apartment that doesn’t support these three directions?

Just be aware of the colors and shapes that will decorate your tree.

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Located in a Particular Area of Your Home or Office

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If your tree is placed in the North (Career, Opportunities) you should use an element of water and metal, i.e. dark blue, gray, silver, black, copper, white, gold, and wavy, or round shapes.

The Northeast (Self-Motivation, Learning) – you should use red, orange, magenta, yellow, or earth tones.

Southeast (Growth, Tenderness, Creativity, Abundance) – the same as East.

In the South – (Honor, Admits, Glory) – you should use red, orange, magenta, green, blue, or natural decoration on your tree.

In the Southwest – (Partnership, Marriage, Mother) – use earth tones, such as; yellow, orange, red, and cyclamen magenta.

In the West (Finance, Kids, Entertainment) use earth tones and metal colors; such as white, gray, all metallic colors, gold, crystals, mirrors, or round shapes.

In the Northwest (Generosity, Father, Travel, Order, Discipline) is similar to the Western part of your home or office.

Christmas trees have strong energy, whether real or artificial, the shape is pointed, triangular, and the element of fire.

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Christmas lights are one of the main decorations, so you can place them strategically if you want to emphasize, or to increase the energy in certain areas to fulfill your desires.

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Be very careful about the amount of decoration and colors you place on your tree because too much decoration or colors or color combinations could throw off the balance of your decorating scheme.

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Author: Lana Anderson, Interior Designer 

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