Caravan Travelling Ideas for a Relaxed Family Holiday or a Romantic Vacation

Evan Javier

July 29, 2017


When it comes to travelling, a caravan can bring you its own unique charm. Evolving as a fashion quotient and a form of recreational travelling, caravanning culture is becoming a popular choice for travelers. People love outdoor adventures like bird watching, fishing, camping or photography, all of them can be thoroughly enjoyed in the beautiful looking vehicle homes. It offers you an escape into Nature, where you can relax with all necessary comforts of your lifestyle irrespective of where you are.

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Choosing the Right Caravan for Travelling

There are various types of caravans out there in the market; some of them include pop top caravans, motor home, full caravans, fifth wheeler, etc. It is not mandatory to buy one for touring since there are numbers of caravan hiring services too to help you out. However, making the right choice of a caravan is definitely essential. Jot down your priorities and requirements, and the type of terrain you will be travelling, so as to determine the right type of caravan for yourself. For robust terrains, you should go for ATV caravans, while for recreational family trips you can choose from the range of luxury caravans.

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Static Caravans

With static caravans, you can feel a comprehensive home on the wheels. This type can be found in small size, compact design, which is convenient to tow with general cars. However, you can even go for large ones ranging almost 20 square meters of interior space. But, the large ones come with additional requirements of larger towing cars, proper license for heavy vehicle driving and parking difficulties.

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Fold up Caravans

These are quite popular among couples and small families since these can accommodate maximum 5 members. Along with compact design, it offers budget fuel consumption as well owing to lesser air resistance. It is also more comfortable to drive than conventional caravans. When unfolded, these caravans can resemble a small house; however, the unpacking comes with definite efforts and labor work. Folding caravans also come in canopy style which are easy to drive and light and easy to move. All you need to do is unfold them and get all the comfort of a camp.

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Fifth Wheel Caravan

Unlike canopies, these fifth wheelers are known for their huge accommodation capacity and are often referred to as Big Rigs. Mostly designed with real furniture, maximized space for easy movement, these caravans are meant for luxurious travelling indeed. However, you cannot just drive them all along everywhere you go, owing to their bulky size. Besides, some campsites may not even accommodate parking for such huge caravans too.

Caravan Travelling Tips, Family Holiday, Family Vacation, Family Vacation Ideas, Recreational Travelling

Motor Home

With this type of caravan, you do not require towing cars at all. It is a comprehensive design with the motor. This means either you go for shopping or fishing, your home comes along with you. Since you need to travel everywhere there are different styles and sizes available for you to choose from.

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Advantages of Caravan Travelling

  • Travel and lodge anywhere you like, amidst the unspoiled serene beauty of Nature, and at the same time avail all lodging facilities within your travel vehicle.
  • Drive along with your family and camp with them with personal accommodation.
  • You can park your caravan anywhere you like and travel in the towing car for shopping, sightseeing or adventure drives.
  • You can park your vehicle and take a break inside it in middle of long drives as well.
  • In extreme weather conditions, you can get relaxed shelter in your caravan.
  • While one drives the vehicle, the rest of the family can enjoy relaxing, eating, or taking a nap inside.
  • Enjoy the mood of camping without troubles of wet muddy camping sites, or insects, moss, etc.
  • You can start your journey anytime since there is no need of packing up things.

Therefore, travelling in caravans is not only fun but meant for those who love travelling on personal conditions and comfort

Caravan Tips, Caravanning, Caravanning Ideas, Travel, Accommodation

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