STREETWISE, Travel Mug Collection Inspired by Street Art and Fashion Trends

Acera and Hangar Design Group Press

July 18, 2017

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A new generation of travel mug to take with you during the commuting. If the city is a jungle, it must be handled with style and personality: the Streetwise collection is an ode to youth culture, to the vibrant colors and bold patterns of street-style and to vintage-flavored video games.



Streetwise refers to the urban inspiration and to the ability to read the trends of a changing world. The collection is inspired by street art, fashion trends and the most updated lifestyle inclinations, turning itself into a blank canvas on which the Taiwanese brand ACERA stages their creativity.


By alternating asymmetries and similarities, Streetwise features a brilliant color palette that breaks up conventions, bringing out in a playful way primary and secondary contrast colors, lined up on impacting and oversized graphics.



The ACERA travel mugs also guarantee a significant dose of well-being, thanks to the particular composition of the ceramic material to which tourmaline powder is added, a mineral that is able to release negative ions and to improve the organoleptic characteristics of the liquid content.


Streetwise is the 2017 ACERA collection that embraces the philosophy of “more is more”, without hesitation.


Design: Acera and Hangar Design Group
Producer: ACERA 

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